Too Fat Even For Photoshop!?!

Mwaaaaahahahahaha! Kidding, but it did cross my mind (and no- that’s not me). Here’s why… next Thursday, my SIL and I are going to have our pictures taken by a pro, at a studio, after having our hair and make-up done by a pro. This is for a magazine article featuring women who have “survived”. I told the woman I spoke to that I haven’t actually survived single parenting as such yet, but she’s included me anyway! I’m really, really excited. But as gorgeous and divine as I know I am- I also know there’s no longer ANY way of hiding my chins anymore- except with serious photo shopping supermodel style! My first (and probably my last) opportunity to be in a magazine- and I’m fatter now than I have EVER been in my entire life! You know that old saying to make sure you have decent underwear on in case you go to hospital? Well, the same can be said for your weight and appearance- just in case you get the chance to be in a magazine!

10 thoughts on “Too Fat Even For Photoshop!?!

  1. dawn: thanx doll- profile, front view… equally bad!
    ec, nmotb, aquila: if i can find a link i’ll supply it!
    kn & jajj: have i mentioned a coffee fountain? in this case coffee & hot chocolate mixed… i’m going to need a whole new keyboard soon!
    spookie, tammy, gail: i am very excited, and i’m hoping they’ll give me copies to use here… dunno though. as for afters? maybe… i’ll let you know.

  2. you do know that you will have to tell us which magazine it’s going to be….

    or else!

  3. Hi Angela, enjoy every minute of the makeover for the photo shoot. Can you go someplace swish afterwards to show off the “new you”?

  4. You have to post the pics, bet they will be stunning!! Sounds like an absolute jol.

  5. Verrrry iksaating doll. A mini makeover and photos – te lekker!!

  6. Congrats Angel! You must let us know (give us a link, or whatever) when the article comes out!

  7. What a jol! Your beauty shines from within and your strength is your beauty anyway – I have no doubt you will look gawjus!! Congrats on being accepted. Can’t wait to see the pics! I find profile pics show the chins more than anything – but I am sure the professionals know what they’re doing xox

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