Righty-O Sweetie Pies

I got the official fax this morning. Now I’m REALLY kakking myself folks… to put it VERY mildly indeed! My surgery has been scheduled for the last week of September. Damien will be on a short mid-term holiday then too, so no-one will be put out by driving him to school and back and so on. It’s fine for me because its part of my routine- but for someone else to suddenly rearrange their entire schedule to fit in another person… put yourself in that position and you’ll understand why I’m going while Damien’s on holiday. He’ll go and stay with da Bruvva and SIL while I’m in the hospital.
I’m still researching… and of course the more people I tell what I’m having done the more horror stories I hear!
I think I’m just going to have to keep my mouth shut!

What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Done For Your Child?

I think that maybe- this weekend- I have reached the very edge of the limits of weird…
Damien and I have been through some strange stuff, I admit, and a lot of it is simply regular teenage parenting stuff… but some of it isn’t!
This weekend- I made a deal with Damien- that if he would stop wearing the upside down cross he has taken a shine to in order to piss me off, then I would buy him some black nail polish and nail polish remover (and then he would stop using permanent marker to colour them in) a’la the Goth style of dressing!
He agreed immediately and removed the cross…

But I draw the line at black eyeliner though (pun intended) a’la “Green Day”… amongst others!


So, um, I found some links while researching the surgical procedure that the surgeon wants to perform on little ol’ mois… they’ve already scheduled it for August 31st, but I’ve asked if they can maybe move it to the last week of September when its school holidays… ‘coz then Damien can stay with da Bruvva and my SIL and no-one needs to worry about driving him to school and back while I’m in the hospital.
As I usually do with just about everything from owning a cat to giving training at work- I have researched it to death- and now I’ve gone and scared myself shitless! It’s called a Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication. Yup. Now say it again really fast with a toffee in your mouth! I’ll leave it to the links for you to see exactly how it works and what they’ll be doing… what scares me is the risk and what happens afterwards! Can you believe I will be unable to throw up or belch after the operation- ever again…
On a related note- you can find the photos of my gastroscopy here if you’d like to see them! The pictures with the weird ripple pattern are from the inside of my stomach! Did you know that’s what it looked like!?

Just Two Of The Little Known Restaurants In Sunny South Africa

Not quite tucked away on just about every main thoroughfare in just about every industrial area in the country- are these outdoor eateries- boasting an unsophisticated ambience and no pulsating extravaganza whatsoever… you can often find three or four of them in a row- sometimes as little as 20 metres apart!
Don’t let the lack of a health department certificate put you off- every guest is more than welcome so long as they have cold hard cash. The modern, minimalist decor and classicism when it comes to the food may make things seem a little bland, and the menu doesn’t change often, but smokers are welcome! The dishes may sound different too- but be brave- why not opt for something like a smiley? Or runaways?! And no waitrons means no waiting- just order at the window and you’ll be handed you a piping hot and very reasonably priced plate of food!
And just what are “smileys” and “runaways” I hear you ask…?
Well …

Hello Darlings!

Thank you SO much to all of you who left some words of wisdom for my friend on this here post- if you haven’t yet… please do! She’s really in a pickle and since she’s been through some kak already… she asked me to ask y’all for your input!