We Had Our Monthly Move Night Last Night

And what a jol it was! Three of us wanted to watch Poseidon… but we were out-voted by the other five girls who wanted to watch Antonio Banderas shake his groove-thang while attempting to speak understandable English and teach dejected teenagers to like themselves in Take The Lead. As much as I enjoyed it, I would rather have waited till it came out on DVD! It was highly enjoyable- but very predictable, IMHO yet another Dirty Dancing slash Lambada slash Fame slash Labamba slash Saturday Night Fever movie. You know the one- where while you watch it you wish you could dance like they do- but when you leave the theatre you can’t remember any of the character’s names! I’ll take Damien to watch Poseidon with me when he gets home from camp. I’ve also been having great fun watching age restricted movies at home alone! I don’t take them out when Damien is home- so when he’s not here it’s all out NPU16! Wild people! WILD! I watched Jarhead the other night, and while I wasn’t blown away, I did enjoy it. The following night I took out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and I so enjoyed it I watched it twice in a row! It was hilarious in a black comedy kinda way… along the lines of Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (oh- and I love this site for movie reviews- Rotten Tomatoes). Anyhoo, after the movie we stopped in a bar next door and had a cocktail each, and you can imagine the shrieks of laughter and the giggling and lewd remarks about the waitrons… don’t panic- we weren’t that bad! After the first round, our waiter (or waitron- as I corrected him to call himself- telling him “waiter” was very un-PC) told us the bar had called last-rounds, so we picked up and went to another pub round the corner that had an excellent band playing their last set! We danced, had another drink each, laughed a lot, and got home around 1am. Fabulous!

2 thoughts on “We Had Our Monthly Move Night Last Night

  1. I totally enjoyed the movie – and I loved Antonio’s accent!
    I tink hee ees yust adorable.

    It was LOADS of fun!

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