I Miss My Boy Lots Today…

When I woke up this morning- something was missing… it was a really weird feeling… and I only realised a couple of hours later that it was Damien I missed!

I haven’t spoken to him in 9 days & 11 hours.

I phoned his camp this afternoon and they told me he’s doing well- he’s made some friends and he’s participating and having fun. I’m glad because he can be a bit of a loner sometimes. He’s never been particularly worried about whether he’s alone or with friends and he’s never been particularly keen on group activities (and this doesn’t help at school I can tell you that much- group work in the curriculum 2000 and something program is a huge part of the syllabus).

He could quite happily spend a whole Saturday in his room building with his LEGO or in the lounge attached to the PS2 controller! He once built a massive helicopter out of LEGO and dismantled his electric toothbrush to build the motor into the chopper’s rotor, the whole thing was about 50cm long from nose to tail-rotor! I wish I’d photographed it…

6 thoughts on “I Miss My Boy Lots Today…

  1. blue: thanx doll!

    b: very much needed- and deserved on both our parts!

    nmotb: i’m counting them doll!

    jajj: he is gorgeous isn’t he…

    nomad: glad you’re alive bru- “group email thingy” shame on you dude! as for going that long without seeing my boy- i’ve barely managed for less than two weeks, i dunno how you do it!


    I’m still alive. So sorry to have neglected you. But, rest assured, you are not the only one I have neglected.


    PS. Don’t read the other blogs I read as I said the same to them….this sounds suspiciously like a group email thingy.

    PSS. Now you can imagine how much I must miss my kids as it’s almost exactly a year since I saw them

  3. Oh Angel, that child of yours really does have the sweetest little face.

  4. Not long now and he’ll be home! You have both had a really good break from each other. A very much neede break. And you did well. Love you!

  5. My thoughts are with you Angel as you miss you beautiful boy.I am very glad that he has settled in at the camp.
    Love Blue.

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