From Now On, I Will Call Myself Linda Evangelista, And I’ll Only Get Out Of Bed For $10,000!

Isn’t she gorgeous? Linda Evangelista is my all time favourite supermodel, and I could never get over how many different looks she could get away with. Redhead, brunette, blonde, even blue! She always looked fabulous. Granted, make up and lighting (and nowadays Photoshop) had a lot to do with it, but she is my favourite.
Today was my turn- my SIL and I drove off to the studio this afternoon for our Me! magazine photo shoot (yup- that’s the glossy I’m gonna be in). I don’t have pictures- but they’ll be mailing me some to brag with in the next couple of days. Our make-up and hair was done by a trained professional and the photographer (also a pro with his own private studio) was very good at putting me at ease. I didn’t watch me SIL’s shoot, I thought she’d be a little less self conscious with just the photographer and his assistant. I was nervous as all hell- but he made me laugh, and he talked to me about why I was going to be in the magazine, and- even though I think there are few people on the planet who can say they genuinely like having their picture taken- the results weren’t all bad.
My SIL said the photographer told her I was a natural prima-donna… or something along those lines… then again, I always knew I was meant for the limelight, I mean, I so “fit” on a red carpet… mwaaaaahahahahaha! I did mention to him of course that most of my family is involved in photography in some way so I’ve pretty much grown up with a camera- but my being so naturally gorgeous and divine… I couldn’t help myself!

5 thoughts on “From Now On, I Will Call Myself Linda Evangelista, And I’ll Only Get Out Of Bed For $10,000!

  1. all: i will post pics as soon as i get them!

    gail: we didn’t… between traffic and closed roads we were there late & then had to fetch my nephew from mommy darling who was baby sitting for my sil…

    terri: i don’t think i posted why, lemme check…

    nmotb: that’s terrible! good luck tjom!

  2. Cant wait to see the pics! Listen here bud, I are going to be offline for awhile, somehow I have stuffed up my settings on my blog – does not show new postings etc. or comments. Will have to redo – FUCK! will shout when I are back again – hopefully by sunday!

  3. Yep, photos are definitely a must!
    I’ve been MIA for a while so I might’ve missed something… why u gonna be in a glossy magazine (apart, obviously, from the fact that you’re so gorgeous they just had to have you…!)

  4. We want to see the pic Angel!!!
    Did you go swanning around looking glamorous afterwards?

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