They Come Out At Night…

My subconscious ramblings I mean. I would love to be able to see more detail of what my mind gets up to all on its own.

Here’s an example- when I woke this morning, it was at amidst the leftovers of a really strange dream! If I remember correctly (which is hard ‘coz I don’t remember everything) I was at a race track with my bestest best friend. I think it’s a real track- it looked very familiar- and we were talking about the cars and the drivers and the people who watch the races. In point of fact, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this particular race-track exists only in my head since I’ve only been to two motor racing tracks in my life, yet I know I’ve been to this one before.
The next thing I knew, I was inside a car and taking part in a race, as was my sister B. But we were like surprise entrants or something and hadn’t done this before! It was a bizarre combination of road and rally racing and we were both unexpectedly good at it and leading the pack. It included racing through fields; a forest; a city where the traffic cops were holding up all the other traffic for us to pass; a quiet suburb; back to the race track; and then into some kind of park. All this included my sister and I taking a wrong turn, getting directions from some people in the forest and getting back into the race- laughing and giggling and smiling all the way- we were both wearing skirts and blouses and no helmets!
Then I was atop a wooden bridge still under construction and trying to calculate if there was enough bridge for me to jump to the other side and whether I could get enough speed without a straight line run-up.
Then all the other drivers were on the bridge with me and I was told we had to leave the cars behind and climb and jump into the water and swim downriver! It was filthy and brown with sheer concrete sides and I could see branches and things sticking up out of the water. But I was third in and swimming- seeing people ahead of me in the water. I went around a bend and the river ended with a door and a big sponge mattress blocking half the door. I had to climb over the mattress and squeeze through the door because I couldn’t open it all the way past the mattress!
The room behind the door was small, and the people who had gotten there before me were changing into running shorts and vests and taking off again. This was where I bailed! I was looking at a photo album of previous female racers celebrating and someone was telling me I was to change, take an extra pair of dry shorts and run 16km back to the car!
I laughed and told the guy I was too fat and too asthmatic to run 16 FEET never mind 16kms. Then between congratulating myself on beating everyone else to the bridge and telling everyone I wasn’t going to run, I was also asking if anyone had seen my sister!

I also vaguely remember dreaming something about being in a supermarket and having to make changes to a wooden walking stick using glue and an egg-cup made of thick insulated yellow wire, and having to do it over and over again because the walking sticks kept getting lost!

Nuh, I dunno either! And I promise there was no cheese or narcotics involved…

4 thoughts on “They Come Out At Night…

  1. Hello, Love the dream – what did I do, or was I there for moral support? I love racing, did I atleast drive? hee hee

  2. i just been- and darling- twin baby boys, a preschooler AND a hubby on crutches… that’s quite a plateful!!!

  3. I just love reading your stuff.You are so good.I updated my site go and check(not as good as yours will get their eventually.Anelle

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