He’s home…

My baby’s home, and apart from longer hair… he’s exactly the same.
I dunno what I expected- but for some insane reason I thought that our time apart may have given him a little perspective, would maybe have inspired a slight attitude adjustment- in my favour you know… and yes- I know its ridiculous. But my subconscious conjured these ideas anyway.
I got two little cards from his camp counselors telling me a little of what he’d done while he was there and what a nice kid he is… counselors with names like “Snake” “Bimbo” “Jx” “Weasel” “Towbar” And “Mufasa”!
He also came home with a CD of photographs taken over the two week period he was there, and he’s in a few of them. Unfortunately he’s not in any showing him kayaking, or wall-climbing, or high-roping or anything… he told me about what he did- after some prompting (read- I asked questions and he answered them otherwise he was quiet). He also came home sans his slops (he says they were stolen) and covered in permanent marker tattoos that he did on the bus.
Check out my Flickr link for some pics.

2 thoughts on “He’s home…

  1. Welcome Home Damien!!!
    I don’t ever expect anything major from my boys when they come home. Sean usually has quite alot to say, and Marke will chat with a bit of prompting – but it isn’t always spontaneous. (sigh)
    I am going to check out the links you put up for the story of the missing dog and the other link about the HOFF – when I get time. Sounds interesting. I am waiting for your story of Flix and co…..

  2. looks like he had a gr8 time, i am sure he will tell you more about what he did, you know what kids are like,Q: “so how was school” A: “Fine”, Q: “What did you do?” A: “Nothing”…argh……! So does he like his nice clean room? The Flicr Pics are nice!

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