I Think I May Have Made “Things” Seem Worse Than They Are…

With regards to my darling Damien I mean, I skimmed over the last couple of weeks posts and it sounded like all we do is fight and bicker! It’s not all bad… and I must apologise to Damien for giving people that impression.
Yesterday when he got off the bus I got a big hug hello and he told me he’d missed me and that he was glad to be home. He told me about his trip in the car- with prompting from me (I ask a question and he answers it) because that’s how he is, and he isn’t sullen about it either- he’s quite animated while he’s talking. He’s never really volunteered information about his day or his trip or anything, and mommy darling says my brother was the same.
At home we went through the CD of photographs of his trip that they had sent home with him, and he told me what the pictures were about and who was who. And apart from worrying that I’d thrown his Mech-Warriors away and being a bit upset that I had tossed his Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z trading cards out, he was quite happy that I’d spring cleaned his bedroom. He even thought it was funny that I’d found as much stationery as I did since he always needs a new pencil sharpener or ball point pen during the school term!
Greebo especially was very pleased to see Damien and spent all evening on the couch with him.
Last night when we were getting ready for bed, and he hugged and kissed me goodnight, I asked if he was glad to be home or if he’d rather be at Sugar Bay and he nodded his head and said he’s very glad to be home and amongst his stuff again. Apart from wanting to play PS2, he thoroughly enjoyed lying in his bed reading for a while before I called for lights out.
So I’m sorry my darling boy for not doing you justice in these archives and for lately focusing mainly on the molehills in our life…
You are my precious boy and I love you so much!

4 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Made “Things” Seem Worse Than They Are…

  1. Honestly Angel, you worry too much – and you’re preaching to the choir, you know! Gosh, we know how it is with kids, and with our own doubts and fears about whether we’re doing right by ’em or not!! Give yourself a break already!!

  2. Don’t see it like that – I haven’t. D is good boy and we all have/had our flaws and faults. You is doing a gr8 job at raising your boy!!!!!!!!!

  3. You so funny! As if we all thought that Damien was ALL bad ALL the time! Anyone who has teenagers knows that they don’t talk alot – specially not to us and they are going to do things and say things that make your hair stand on end. We know he’s a sweetie and a really precious boy.

  4. Angel, I am so pleased that you are treasuring what you and Damien have. Long live love!!!
    It can be easy at times to see their faults.They do know how to push our buttons!!!
    I could have sent mine packing at 12midnight but when he was sleeping at midday after getting home at 7am from watching the world cup on TV at a mates,all I could do was go into his room and kiss him.

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