So How Are You With Spooky Movies And Urban Legends?

Can you look in a mirror and say “Candyman” three times? Do you not flash your headlights at someone who’s driving without them for fear of being chased and gunned down by gang-bangers on their initiation? Will you not drink fizzy cool drinks straight after eating popping candy for fear of your stomach bursting?
Honestly, the whole popping candy and cola was a new one to me, and I’ve never had a problem flashing my headlights… but I cannot do the Candyman thing!
How silly is that?

One thought on “So How Are You With Spooky Movies And Urban Legends?

  1. I think I tried the Candyman thing once. And I’m still here. Hee.

    My fav superstition story goes back about 10 years. I arrived at Cape Town’s train station (this was back in the day when it was still safe) one morning and there was a huge ladder in front of the archway that leads from the platform to the terminal, with only a little gap on each side. I watched in absolute amazement as about 300 people who had disembarked from the train slowly (and subconsciously) squeezed past on either side, with only the odd fearless person walking straight through underneath (which included me).

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