I Have A New Favourite Picture Of Damien…

I took this this afternoon at about lunchtime- when we were on our way to fetch my Mommy Darling to go to a friend’s baby-shower. It was in this very picture that I realised just how badly he needs a haircut… and school starts tomorrow!!
Anyhoo- he was walking in front of me to the car and I asked him to stop and turn around so I could take a picture.
I think he looks gorgeous!

One thought on “I Have A New Favourite Picture Of Damien…

  1. I don’t blame you … he looks amazing. Even though I don’t know him, I can see how you must be feeling watching him change from you boykie into a young man … mothers and their sons skattie – it’s a whole amazing, powerful thing – isn’t it? I’ve said it before, I love how your love and adoration for him oozes through your blog! xox

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