Back To Really Early Mornings…

So… my darling Damien went back to school today- holidays are over. He was surprisingly reluctant to go to school. I thought he’d be keen to see his friends again and swap stories about what they’ve all been up to for the last three weeks, but no. Although our morning went a little smoother than it usually does- he still went to school on the brink of being one point short for this week because he was wearing tekkies (sneakers) with his uniform! He supposedly checked on and laid out his uniform last night- but this morning he couldn’t find his trousers and I had this yelling from his room accusing me of changing his school shoe’s laces… aaaargh (no I dunno either)! So I didn’t deduct a point- we mostly use 1 2 3 Magic- but I left it to him to explain where his shoes were. Then when I fetched him, he was nowhere to be found. I phoned and he was somewhere round the back of the school! He came running- but I took a point off for that because we’ve spoken (read: argued vociferously) on numerous occasions about him not being in the front of the school where I usually stop fetch him. So that leaves two points for the week. If he loses the other two he may not go to the mall on Friday with his friends after school.
Oh- and I might MIGHT just have found somewhere for Damien to go after school. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much- but this is the first person not to just say “No.” outright when I enquire about after school care for a high school kid. I’ll be meeting with her soon to see if we can come to some agreement.

8 thoughts on “Back To Really Early Mornings…

  1. ROTFL at Dawn!! When I read her 1st cooment I immediately thought it was an excellent new phrase – then I read the next comment and I was finished!!! Love you Dawn!!

    more sober voice – I think if you really stick to the 123magic thing religiously it will begin to pay off.

    Goo dluck!!!

  2. Goo dluck for the school term and the after care – yussis china, what one doesn’t have to put into getting through JUST ONE DAY at a time. xox

  3. heh heh… unless he’s working a part-time holiday job and he’s still at school- he’d better NOT be waiting for me to fetch him!
    in case you’re wondering- 123magic is a fabulous concept- and he can earn the points back again!

  4. You have some sort of points system for him??? I think that cruel because whenever he grows up in a few years time and gets a job what happens when he is not standing outside his workplace ready for you to pick me up?? HAHA!! j/k :p

  5. he’s shooting with my dad’s pellet gun- his grampa has several pellet guns nd targets and the boys amuse themselves when we all get together.
    i am working on my other template to try and make it everybody-friendly!

  6. Ah back to normal eh? Nice photo of Damien – what’s he shooting at?
    BTW I think you should keep trying with that other template – it was really pretty with the dragon background.

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