A Very Belated FFF#44

I am VERY late with this one- I apologised to the master of purgatory for being late… I just hope I don’t wake up in Shanghai with a strange tattoo tomorrow morning! I had started it and I was pleased with where it was going which was why I decided to publish it anyway and risk JJ’s wrath!
This was another one for us to start however we liked- as long as we used the following five words somewhere in the piece: rope, dope, grope, hope and slope.

Tina was rudely awakened from a pleasant late morning lie-in by Trevor yelling from the other side of their hilltop home: “OH FOR SHIT’S SAKE! What the hell is wrong with you?”
At first Tina thought he was yelling at her and for a split second the previous evening’s fairly unremarkable events ran through her head… she couldn’t think of anything she could have done to upset him. She decided to stay under the covers and leave him to his ranting.
Suddenly she knew what Trevor was so upset about- Loopy came hurtling onto her bed, a bit of frayed rope around his scaly neck, his eyes big as grapefruit and his ears flat against his neck!
Trevor followed him in- still yelling: “Loopy you absolute dope, what am I supposed to do to keep you out of here and on guard where you belong?” Loopy dove under the bed to hide, knowing that he’d be sent back down the slope once Trevor caught him. Tina was thrown off the bed as Trevor ran around to the side Loopy had chosen to try and shelter under.
Loopy was a lot bigger now than when they’d first brought him home and a WHOLE lot bigger than the space under the bed allowed. He almost flipped it vertically causing Tina to think quickly in her half-asleep state!
“Trevor!” she shouted, “can’t you do anything quietly?” Then when he dropped to his haunches Tina said “I hope you aren’t going to do what I think you’re about to do- you KNOW it scares the crap out of him when you grope around under the bed like that…”
“ME scare HIM?! He’s almost taller than I am when he’s on his hind legs! He’s turned EVERYTHING upside down YET again- probably looking for those damn strawberries you picked AND ATE yesterday!” exclaimed Trevor.
“Okay, okay, calm down,” said Tina “I’ll get him out of here.” She stood at the door to their wooden house and softly whistled for Loopy, who stuck his head out from under the disheveled covers and gave her a look she could never resist. She dropped to her knees and Loopy crawled along the floor and put his head in her lap. He was huge- but far from mature! She scratched his head and his neck and he mewled softly deep in his throat- he loved a cuddle- and she wished he could live in the house with them, that they didn’t need the big, blue, scaly, Draco marsupialis to protect their small subsistence crops from their wild animal neighbors…
She was half glad Loopy would never fly (marsupials have very small wings)- she was pretty sure Trevor would SO not appreciate their bedroom roof caving in on them with a 160kg marsupial dragon landing on it every time he got loose!
She caught a glimpse of Trevor fixing his feathers as she walked out the front door with Loopy following happily in her hoof prints.

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  1. thanx for the compliments allbodies- i really have to try and focus on building my stories further!
    this was another one that sort of built itself in my head as i pondered the words JJ gave us and i love it when that happens!

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