You Know What I Loathe…

People who take undue credit!
I am a business consultant, and apart from training and report writing I provide a degree of system support as well. Because everything I do is charged to my client, it is first approved by a go-between (GB) who works for my client. It’s not too tricky; it usually just takes an email to let GB know what’s happening. But if I’m nearby I’ll go there and have a quick chat.
Today when I stopped by to let GB know something had been resolved- there was already someone in the office with GB. To be polite, I was going to leave, but they stopped talking and acknowledged me and I told GB the error had been fixed… the other person cracked a joke about me going round breaking things, and I said nuh-uh, I am the fixer. Then GB looks at me and says “I’m still so busy with such-and-such, thank you for doing that for me…” As if GB was supposed to fix the hiccup personally!
And yes I know- my reputation for mostly irrational suspicion (paranoia in other words) doesn’t put my little observation in a favourable light and it could have been a perfectly innocent comment… but GB has a reputation as well, and I’ve had my fingers burnt before!!
Then again… GB IS the client, so I just walked away smiling ever so calmly.
I must really remember to thank my doctor for my Nuzak…

4 thoughts on “You Know What I Loathe…

  1. myutopia, nmotb, kai: maybe its a pre-requisite in the rules of business or something- that every company has to have one!?

  2. Yeah – I used to work with someone one like that – she drove me potty.

    I just smile sweetly and nod when people do that, and know that even if they DO get the immediate credit, one day they’ll get caught out. People know good people eventually, and its always good to be recognised, even in the end.

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