I Hate Thursdays!

I’ve said it before… It’s the day I wake up and wish it was Friday- realise it isn’t… and then get fed up because it’s been a long week already!
On the radio this morning, the DJ was taking text messages on judgementalism (is that a word?) and you could say anything you liked, he would read it out over the air and he wouldn’t say anything else about it or be mean about your opinion. I was suddenly surprised by the number of things that popped into my head that I wouldn’t mind saying out loud!
So today is your chance- you can say anything you want in an anonymous comment- things you’ve thought about- often or seldom- but that you’d never say out loud or even on your blog!
Ready! Set! Go!

17 thoughts on “I Hate Thursdays!

  1. oh and one other thing- I think hummers ARE sexy- as are ferraris, lambhorginis and alfas… so there!

    being catty… check the word verification! miawmwt

  2. okay all you anonymous-es: so glad to be of service, i’ll be playing “i hate thursdays” and allowing anonymous venting comments sometime again!

    spookie: very brave indeed…

  3. First: I applaud you spookie! I obviously don’t have the courage you do, hence this anonymous post!

    Now then: Increasingly, I’ve come to realize that I pretty much don’t like people. OK…not every individual of course. But by and large I find people to be sorely lacking in either integrity, initiative, or plain old common sense – or (shudder) all three. And it annoys the shit out of me! Mostly, I guess, because I suspect they all know better and can do way better – but are simply choosing not to. Which really annoys the shit out of me!!

    Whew – I feel better! Thanks!

  4. Ex-wives irritate the shit out of me. They live for however many years with the husband and when the couple decide to divorce, the soon to be ex wife thinks some miracle has happened and turned the husband into the millionaire he has never been. I HATE the fact that ex-wives are absolved from making any kind of financial investment in their children’s lives and futures after a couple with children divorce. I think it is a great injustice and an old fashioned bullshit concept that the financial input in the children’s lives is the sole responsibility of the father.

  5. Hmph – so much for anonymous – I deleted my comment cause I left my name there and then I posted it again – and forgot AGAIN to click on Anonymous!!! Bugger it – thats my opinion and I’m proud of it!

  6. The service in this country is up the pole!! People don’t complain! My husband doesn’t like to take me places cause if I get bad service I say something. Why the hell shouldn’t we complain? As consumers we have RIGHTS! And We should not stand for the crappy service we get here! Open your mouths people and complain. Return something if it’s rotten or broken. Get a refund if it doesn’t work or fit! Speak up, step up and WAKE UP South Africans!! We are hosting 2010 Football World Cup and with service like this I shudder to think what it could be like!


  8. I am a racist… in South Africa!
    As hard as I try not to be, and as hard as I try to ignore people’s “colour”, and to be polite and all that, and as often as I meet a black or indian or coloured person that I genuinely like- I still get highly pissed off when I see a black woman driving a HUMMER of all things because I immediately think she only has such a sexy car thanks to her or her husband’s skin colour!!

  9. i wish i had paid more attention to my son from day one- i left it all way too late and now i’m sorry!

  10. i hate when i teach someone something and they’re better at it than me- i get ridiculously jealous and it makes me fed up!

  11. i think people who test positive for HIV should be forced to undergo sterilisation so they can’t have children!!

  12. I agree with Anon – I wish I had never gotten married – it is so not the life for me – we are so different and that make life so much harder! But you think you are clever when you are younger and don’t listen to the people that have “been there and done that”! Sucker…………..:-(

  13. I hate discrimination. Be it against race or people who don’t look like supermodels or less clever or less attractive. Who gave ANYBODY the right to think they are better than someone!!!

  14. I wish I had not gotten married when I did. I should have listened to everyone who said it would be hard! I knew better and now I am sorry…

  15. I am terrified of the way schools are going – specially after seeing the footage of the boys beating up another boy in the toilets – while everyone stood around and laughed and watched!! I am terrified of the kids my son is going to become involved with at highschool. It’s all going pearshaped in highschools!!!

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