My Life Got Flipped Turned Upside Down!

That’s what it feels like most days- because no matter what I try and do to get myself and Damien through “this”- I run into wall after wall after wall after wall after wall… I’ve been having an “I-wanna-cry-in-my-custard” day today, and then, at a little before 1pm, my phone rings. I SWEAR it rings differently when the school phones me because even though it said “private call” or something like that, I just KNEW it was the school again. The teacher on the other end (I think she’s a teacher- she’s not the one I usually talk to though) tells me Damien was caught bunking class in the school toilets. I say little, I mean- what can I say? So Mrs. R tells me she wants me to please come and see her as soon as possible because Damien is only in grade 8 and it’s his second offence in two days and “…as I’m sure you’re aware…” (says she) his track record isn’t wonderful and he has enough demerits to warrant a disciplinary hearing before the school board. When will it suit me to see her? I ask if I can see her today? She tells me she already has another parent coming to see her today- how’s tomorrow morning? I say okay, and she hangs up.
Just what I needed today!
So initially I tell my boss I’m going to be late tomorrow- and I tell him a little about why. He says it’s cool. Then I go to the loo after speaking to mommy darling- and I start crying! I phone my boss again and ask if I can have tomorrow off. He’s cool with that too- isn’t he fabulous!? I’m very blessed!
So after all this I have to go and fetch Damien from school and drop him off at the after school care. I decide en-route not to say anything, that we can discuss it when we get home tonight. Then he surprises me by bringing it up himself!! He tells me he had a free period, needed the loo; looked around for a teacher to sign his permission list; didn’t see one and went anyway. He tells me that he did some bluetoothing and chatted with tjommies while there, and on the way back to class a teacher stops him and asks where his signed permission list is. Since he doesn’t have one- he is escorted to the office and I am phoned. After yesterday’s debacle he’s not exactly “innocent” in anyone’s eyes! He understands that he should have waited for a teacher, he understands that he should have had his homework diary with him regardless if whether it was signed or not, and he understands that in breaking those two rules he is NOT really innocent… he also understands that he has a bad reputation already which does not inspire confidence!
Back to the drawing board…
I’ll let you know tomorrow what the meeting’s outcomes are…
(…and no prizes for guessing where the title comes from…)

6 thoughts on “My Life Got Flipped Turned Upside Down!

  1. No prob, Angel.

    I read the update on Damien. It’s so cool you’re proud of him. That will mean more to him than anything.

    My son is 14, my daughter now 18. They live with their mom but they’re over here all the time.

    My son Evan is not ADHD, he’s ADD.

    He was diagnosed when he began school or thereabouts as ADD, Inattentive Type.

    Obviously he doesn’t have the hyperactivity associated with ADHD kids. His main issue is listening and retaining information. You can’t do one (retaining) without the other (listening), of course.

    So school’s a chore for him, especially subjects he has little interest in.

    He’s very artistic and creative.

    He’s a lovely kid and is going to knock girls’ socks off because he’s very emotional and caring and considerate and respectful and funny.

    I’m not convinced he really needs to be on the meds, but he says they do help him focus, so…

    My big thing with him is to just keep everything positive, to pump him up when he’s brilliant and to not get to angry or heated when he screws up. We all do that.

    Really glad I bumped into you cyber-wise. I’ll be back. Cheers! And have a good weekend.

  2. ww: i just posted and update- and yup, damien has ADHD (with a big H!), he was diagnosed about 9 years ago, but only medicated as of 3 years ago… he missed out a lot and i wish we’d found a decent doctor sooner and started medicating sooner, we bounced around from doctor to doctor for a long time!
    do your kids stay with you? is your son a medicated adder? i haven’t read all of your blog yet so i may have missed something…

  3. Oh, and what was the outcome? You promised (no need to disclose just on my account, tho, obviously).

    And is Damien ADD? I see a bunch of ADD links on your sidebar. My son, too, is ADD, mildly.

  4. ww: teehee… i may have to take you up on that- my parents have developed tennis “shoulder” from me leaning on them so often lately… thanx!

  5. Hiya Angel…

    At the risk of offering you what you’re far too strong to need, my cyber shoulder is here for you.

    Sounds to me like Damien kinda got screwed a little here. Sounds to me like he was thinking on his own and that not getting the permission slip wasn’t necessarily or fully his fault.

    I think the fact he mentioned it to you rather than hiding it from you says something about him.

    You sound like a great, feeling mum, which is all any son can ask for.

    I hope this turns out right.

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