Endt Ezs For Ze Teechyer Meetink

this works particularly well if you stuff a couple of marshmallows in each cheek and talk through your nose…
Vyell- bessicully- eet deedunt heppen… I got to ze skool on time and vos told zsat ze teechyer hedt collt een seek- vomitink all nyyyyt or sumsink like zet…
This is getting tricky… you can swallow the marshmallows now; it’s back to regular English.
She’ll probably arrange another meeting next week, which will mean asking my boss for another bit of time off to see her. It’s just as well I take Damien to school myself otherwise I would have been a bit inconvenienced dontcha think?!
Then at lunch time, when I fetched Damien, I ask how his day was and he says “fine- except for this…” and he shows me his arm. His inner bicep has a bruise and some nice red stripes on it (I took a picture- but I dunno how clear it is though.) Apparently, Damien pointed out the guy who he said handed him a cigarette and then got him bust for smoking- and today the guy grabbed Damien by the arm and threatened to beat the crap out of him. Luckily for Damien he was with his mentor at the time and he said he’d look out for Damien- I actually didn’t realise Damien still spoke to his mentor and I’m really glad they still hang out.
Now, before I get a debate started on whether or not kids should rat each other out- let me just say that I am immensely proud of Damien for being brave enough to actually point him out. Let me also say that Damien and this older guy are NOT friends and that Damien did not know his name. My boy also seems to be a magnet for spiteful bullies… earlier this year another older guy grabbed Damien around the throat and tried to throttle him, only stopping when he apparently realised he had the wrong kid by the throat! This bully has apparently been expelled- and the other jerk in Damien’s grade that has the name of a bird and a bad attitude seems to be focusing on other kids for a change.

2 thoughts on “Endt Ezs For Ze Teechyer Meetink

  1. dawn: it was very pretty! and thanx for the “big-ups!” you are such a sweetie to toot my horn for me!

  2. Maybe it is just as well ze teecher got sick (not zat ve vish her any harm und alles) [svallow ze marshmallow] … but perhaps it will make the discussion less “in the heat of the moment.” Don’t ya just wanna throttle kids who cause kak for others – I always wonder what the parents of those kids talk to their kids about (if at all) when they get home from school. It was seriously courageous of D … hope his arm heals up well. MEDALS, MEDALS and MORE MEDALS pinned on you, supershero single mommy!!!!

    and by the way – knowing what I can do myself with my limited knowledge – I am also very suspicious of pics these days – but this was an AP one and from a reliable source so I thought, what the hell. The visual was pleasing to the eye though, don’t you skeem?

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