Today Is Nephew N’s Second Birthday!

That’s right! This darling little boy is now all of two years old!
Here are some updates:
My laptop has a “mouse” built into the keyboard (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) and the other night I opened MS Paint and N stood on the floor in front of my keyboard. I then held the left “mouse” button on the keyboard in and he used the fingerpad to draw! He very quickly learned to keep his hand on the finger pad and even worked out a little of how to change direction! Each time I suggested a colour change- he chose blue, and if I selected another colour, he’d draw a little and then ask for blue again! He now says “cursor” because if his mouse cursor went off the paint page I’d tell him to look for it and put it back on the page, and when I saved his pictures I said the words I was clicking on “file” and “save as…” so he now says “file” as well!
It’s unreal how much he’s suddenly started communicating- he just doesn’t pronounce the “s” sound! When he sees my laptop he asks for “kitty” because we Google videos and watch cats doing funny things, then I log off everything and he closes it for me! Then he was saying hello to his puppy and Proximo (the pup’s name) licked his hand- he looked up at me and stuck his tongue out a couple of times- I was flabbergasted!! And it’s not accidental because he’ll repeat himself if you ask him to!! Then we were looking at one of his pop-up books and we came across a page with a train on it- I started singing the “puffer-train” song and he tried to imitate me, so now he says “puffa” as well! Then later we were standing outside and I saw one of his little fire engines inside a drain in the garden- its got a grate over it so Damien spent a good twenty minutes patiently trying to hook it out with a curtain hook and a magnet contraption! N was standing watching and he looks at Damien and says “bus boom hole”! Then when his daddy came home he told him all about the “bus boom hole” as well! He is just so adorable and we love him to bits!!

2 thoughts on “Today Is Nephew N’s Second Birthday!

  1. dawn: thank you skattie! blogger just wouldn’t let me load a picture! urgh…

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, AND MANY BLESSINGS on this beautiful boy. I have a grown up nephew and I adore him to pieces. As much as mother/son is an incredible relationship, for me, so is mine with my nephew. He is lucky to have you as his aunt – or ant as they call me here in the USA.

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