“I only want to wear black…” This is Damien’s new credo- and I must say it’s a little strange to see him going through a phase that I clearly remember going through myself! Teens definitely seem to have a “thing” with clothes. I remember how at one time I “inherited” a bottle-green jersey… actually a button up cardigan thingy from my Oupa when he died and I loved it– but my Daddy Darling couldn’t stand it! It really wasn’t very pretty… after all, it had belonged to an old man- but I wore it everywhere, then when we moved it mysteriously vanished… I didn’t miss it for ages- and when I eventually did I wondered if daddy or mommy darling made the most of the opportunity of our move to get rid of it, teehee! And I clearly remember my Bestest Best Fwend went through a phase where she wore this green jersey- all day- everyday- no matter what the season or the weather or the occasion!

Oh- and Damien had a haircut today, the last time was when I took him to the barber just after his birthday and he cut it off short, and already the teachers were complaining about his hair length. I think we’ll have to cut it more often to avoid “conflict” with his teachers.

It was also nephew N’s birthday party. He had an absolute blast- yelling and laughing at the top of his voice and grinning from ear to ear- even shouting “YAY!” when we sang happy birthday to him. He now knows exactly what it means when people hand him a gift wrapped parcel and he rips into the paper as hard as he can (with his daddy’s help)! He got some truly fabulous gifts too. And him being car mad- there was only one kind of cake that would be appropriate (note the motor racing theme)!

We had lots of fun and WAAAY too much to eat- and then we went to Mommy and Daddy Darling for a braai (because we hadn’t eaten enough you know)… It was the first time in a LOOOOONG time that we’ve actually managed to get everyone in the family together- kids, spouses and all! My BIL of course had us in fits of hysterics as usual (if its not him its da Bruvva) and I again went home with a splitting headache from laughing at him… he has a way of telling you a story, and it can be the the simplest thing- today was shopping trips- but the way he tells it… I honestly think he could put a few stand up comics to shame!

A fabulous day all round… needless to say I’m exhausted and stuffed to the gills (Damien and I had some divine beef spare ribs)!

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  1. mel: he did and he is… he’s definitely inherited some family traits in terms of voice volume!

    bf: at least yours was prettier than mine!

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