Thanx to a writing genius who calls himself JJ– it has again been a weekend of keeping our creative juices flowing by giving us another Flash Fiction Friday project to mull over. We could start any way we wanted to, provided we use the following 5 words or phrases in the piece we post: Girl, whirl, curl, hurl and something that unfurls…
And I promised after I was shockingly late last week that I was going to be on time- and rather than run the risk of having kryptonite rammed up my… um, nose… I won’t do it again!

Who the hell did he think he was telling her she couldn’t go!
Axa was so angry she wanted to hurl her short spear into the trees… but she knew she’d have to make a new one herself… and she was rather proud of this one. It had her personal symbols and sigils up and down the shaft, and it had been blessed when the shaman had visited their tribe last spring.
She took out her frustration on the air in front of her- practising her thrusts… but the thought kept coming back into her head- she wasn’t a little girl anymore, and he should know since he’d asked her mother for her hand more than once in the last six moons! But her brain was also going in several directions, it was in a complete whirl- while she was flattered by how badly he wanted her to be only his and by how much he wanted to keep her safe, she was also frustrated because she’d been training for the hunt since she was old enough to string a bow, and this was supposed to be her first overnight hunt for her tribe!! She was also worried about him, and his safety! She knew they were hunting elephant this season so there was always a chance one or more of the hunters wouldn’t come back.
She was walking slowly through the field above the village, and she looked up at the faraway mountains. A little curl of smoke caught her eye. She was immediately on her guard because the hunters were far south of her and this was her tribe’s territory. She knew of no-one who had their chieftain’s permission to camp in their forest.
Axa made her way slowly forward, adopting the hunters crouch her mother had taught her to use when there was no cover, keeping her eye on the smoke and trying to make her way downwind, even though the breeze was a light one.
It wasn’t long before she’d circled halfway around where the smoke was coming from and she was creeping through the trees. She came to a small clearing, and she could smell the smoke strongly- but she could see no fire- not even a concealed one.
She slowly straightened, puzzled, thinking she must have been mistaken- maybe the campfire was further away or maybe the breeze was stronger than she thought… when instinct made her hunker down again and she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye.
She hid behind a tree and slowly moved to see if she could find the source of the movement she had spotted. At first she saw nothing, and then she was sure she was seeing things as she watched a vast pair of wings unfurl… then she realised her mouth was hanging open! The smoke was coming from the nostrils of an Amphithere! A huge legless dragon with a wingspan of up to 30 feet! It could grow to 50 feet from nose to tail and only its wings, head and the last two feet of its body were feathered. Its tail feathers could be up to 4 feet long and in adulthood it usually had a 6 foot tongue! The Amphithere feathers were highly prized and handed down from mother to daughter because no one had seen one of these magnificent animals in more than 1500 moons!
They were believed never to come to earth and she wondered what this one was doing- then she noticed it was coiled like a snake, and as it moved and changed position she thought she’d been spotted and was dead for sure! But the dragon just shifted a little and rested again. Then Axa saw why this one was down in the forest, she had eggs- each one bigger than Axa’s whole body- and the dragon was coiled around them!
She whispered a quiet prayer and started backing into the woods again.
Now she had a whole new dilemma on her mind- keep the existence of the Amphithere and the eggs as her own personal secret… or tell her their chieftain and allow her tribe to resurrect an ancient hunting tradition?

8 thoughts on “FFF#45

  1. Good work. Personally, I hope she rides the dragon over the hunting party and thumbs her nose at them.

  2. calli: i honestly dunno! i’m not entirely sure where it came from in the first place… i think maybe it was one of those random inspirations that float around the cosmos and occasionally hit a human- you know- like the theory of relativity!! hee hee

  3. I agree with Spookie, I hope she doesn’t tell,,,

    Great job… Is this story going to continue?


  4. writeprocrastinator: i haven’t thought of a follow up… if you look you’ll see i posted it just before 1am- it took me suprise and i got it down in just under 90 minutes!

    spookie: nuh, i don’t think that’s a plan… a baby bigger than she is?

    gareth: coz the amphithere would here her unclipping her holster! mwaaaaaahahahahaha!

  5. I hope she doesn’t tell, she could steal an egg and raise on for her own….

  6. That is quite a dilemma, tell the tribe and they’ll surely try and vanquish the Amphithere…or say nothing and take a chance that the Amphitere doesn’t use the tribe to feed her young.

    It’s a lose, lose. Nice story and I’m anxious to find out what happens next.

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