All Hands! Panic Stations!



Does anyone have an idea fot the wuck happened to Just Angela: Java Junkie over at Quafee Tawk?
I’ve been trying to access her site for two days and what I thought was a Blogger problem turned out not to be… I can access everyone’s page but hers- it just says “not found”…

Where aaaaaaaare youuuuuuu?!?!

7 thoughts on “All Hands! Panic Stations!

  1. play theme from twilight zone This is like the disappearing people. I know one lady had a stalker and she had to delete her blog too. I hope she is not gone…

  2. Can’t help you, Angel, other than to say that in my short time in Blogland, I’ve seen people do this before, just disappear into thin air.

    But having established the ties that are inevitable online, they came back after a while.


  3. nmotb: she did that once before… but she let us know!!

    gareth: i REALLY hope not!

  4. I also can’t get in. Maybe she is busy setting up a new blog and will let you know once she is back online!

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