Do You All Remember The Science Project?

The one Damien did where he made his own fossils and showed the process of how fossils are formed using four dioramas and a poster and so on?
Well, they finally finished marking all the projects and… he got 80% for his!!!
That’s an “A” in South Africa!
I am SO proud of him- and I’m so glad that he saw how well his hard work paid off!

14 thoughts on “Do You All Remember The Science Project?

  1. Excellent work. Hard work really pays off. Of course, in America we just use cold, hard cash. That’s why we don’t pay our teachers anything; to keep them needy enough that a twenty folded inside the report will get it bumbped to an A.

    Even if you wrote in crayon.

  2. katt: thanx man! i did have a hand in it- but purely advisory- honest… like what put the dioramas in to keep them seperate (the tinfoil thingies) helping him find the different components (we found “toy cement” believe it or not) and helping him work out how many dinosaurs he needed and so on. he googled the information and pictures himself and i had them printed out… oh and of course- i paid for all the bits and pieces!

    spookie: FANX SKATTIE! there is indeed music- king robbie of course- and theres a link on the music video box for you to find one for yourself (thanx for that nmotb)!

    buddess: sorry i deafened you doll- but i just LOVE to have king robbie serenading me…

  3. Well done D!!! Your music almost gave me the heeby-jeebies!!! I work on a laptop and had the volume set to full – Only realized that when I started browsing your site. Gosh, I almost fell of my chair!!!! Like the music!!!

  4. HEY! Is there music playing on your blog?? How’d you do that!!??
    KEWL – no I can boogie while I read!!!

  5. WOOOO HOOOO I am doing the happy dance!!! Well done Damien! I am SO proud of you!! I would have given you 200% – even if that means I am bias!!! MUA !!!

  6. Well done to D! And if I remember anything from my school daze, Mom had a hand in it too.

  7. FANTASTIC, Angel. As you probably know, ADD kids can be brilliant and creative.

    Fantastic that D got the mark he got, he’s probably super interested in this.

    Take some credit! Take a bow! Shed some tears of happiness and pride! You da mum!

  8. Now there is one proud Mum…. Really cool! Give him a hand shake for me.

  9. nmotb: thank you, thank you… you can send gift certificates and or vouchers!

    gareth: i love ALL of King Robbie dude… we’re very good friends you know!

  10. Congratulations!!

    So do you like Robbie Williams or just this particualr song??

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