So what did you do today?

I hope you all had fun- I took the day off to go to the doctor (an appointment I got 6 months ago) and I swallowed a camera!
No seriously- it’s called a “gastroscopy” and unless you’re under anesthetic it’s seriously unpleasant! It’s quite literally a case of a doctor pushing a metre long tube with a camera on the end down your throat and taking pictures of your stomach and esophagus. I had it twice several years ago and the doctor didn’t put me under- I swore then that I would rather give birth than go through it again!
Today however- this surgeon did put me under. The weirdest experience, the nurse put a little drip connection in my arm connected my middle finger to a heart rate monitor. Then once the surgeon and I had had a word, he administered an anesthetic and within seconds I was out. I do remember listening to my heart rate accelerate as I fell asleep! Then the next thing I knew- the nurse was waking me up. It was almost a pleasure!
Turns out the hiatus hernia that I found out I had back in 1998 has grown to 3cm! He also took two biopsy samples from my stomach and one from my esophagus, but he says there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong apart from the hernia. The surgeon will definitely be doing the operation- a Laparoscopy with a Nissen fundo… um… something or other! It’ll be two days in hospital and two weeks recuperation- but the surgeon says that after the op even my asthma and recurring bronchitis will improve!
Unfortunately- there’s one more test. I have to stop taking my anti-heartburn stuff for TWO WEEKS! I can’t even go without one of those capsules for even 24 hours! He wrote me a script for Gaviscon antacid and says I can take as much of it as I possibly need!
Now for the fun part. The doctor gave me a sheet of photographs that he took today- of me from the inside! Would anyone like to see the pictures of my hiatus hernia? I photographed the photos with my digital so I can post them…

8 thoughts on “So what did you do today?

  1. ww & ec: i’m thinking about it… i’m going to try and find a way to put them up so you can CHOOSE to see them!

    spookie: see above… LOL

    mel: i was lights out- don’t remember a thing!

    katt: sorry katt… its a real shame to destroy a beer like that- my sincerest apologies!

  2. eeeeeuuuuwww – I don’t wanna see those – warn me when you pist them so I can skip that…..

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