Yet More Blogthings…

FINALLY! Now I’m a super-she-ro too!

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Flash Crystal
Your Superpower is Technology
Your Weakness is Blood
Your Weapon is Your Dark Club
Your Mode of Transportation is Hot Air Balloon

This was very cool!

Your Blog Should Be Purple

You’re an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you’re the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you – not what anyone else has to say.


Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

“Nice doggy.”

Oooh- this has always been one of my favourites!

Your Gemstone is Ruby

Daring, ethusiastic, and spontaneous.
You are energetic and passionate, with an appetite for life.

I laughed my head off when I saw this one’s results!

You Are Big Black Boots!

You can be best described as: attitude
You’ve got lots of it – and you love to give it
A guy has to be pretty gutsy to hit on you
But if he’s your type, you’ll warm up… a little

How did I know this?!?

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and a little sassy, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine, the men!
Whether you’re enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park…
You’ll love living in the most chic place on earth.

Heh heh… I mean ho, ho, ho, ho…

Your Elf Name Is…

Floppy Mc Flurry

6 thoughts on “Yet More Blogthings…

  1. spookie: my balloon has a turbo and a freeflow exhaust!! neener-neener-neeeeenerrrrr…

  2. So you are a member of the Shero culb now too. I will still get around faster than you cause I have a Hovercraft and not a hot air balloon – na na nana naaa…
    Oh – and I have a crazy chihuahua sidekick too.

  3. so in all you are an elf named floppy waring black boots in paris and scared of dogs

  4. ***Your Blog Should Be Blue***
    (and it is)

    I will do the rest tomorrow – am having major hassles with 3G!

  5. LOL…err…I think you and I match on just about every single one of them, other than the superhero and the elf…yeah – just about 😉

    We’re moving soon, so I might drop off the radar. But once we’ve moved, I’m launching some writers projects etc, and I’d be honoured if you’d like to join us.

    🙂 I’ll try and keep up till we move (three weeks and counting!) and I’ll def see you on the other side 🙂

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