Hello Darlings!

Thank you SO much to all of you who left some words of wisdom for my friend on this here post- if you haven’t yet… please do! She’s really in a pickle and since she’s been through some kak already… she asked me to ask y’all for your input!

3 thoughts on “Hello Darlings!

  1. You’re welcome, though I don’t know if I’ve helped. No matter which way she goes, she’ll feel that she made the wrong decision.

  2. write: thank you so much or the Y chromosome side of things- you and within without have given her some stuff to think about…

  3. It seems that “D” is lacking in enthusiasm and that’s no way to start a marriage. I’d say give him the heave-ho and if he’s serious, he’ll come to. If “D” is Mr. Right and he’s absolutely serious, he should make more of an effort and not just treat you like you are a convenienence market.

    Nothing is worse than either party trying to make the relationship into something that it’s not. If either party feels like it was tricked later on, the both of you will have a messy divorce and bad feelings all around.

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