Just Two Of The Little Known Restaurants In Sunny South Africa

Not quite tucked away on just about every main thoroughfare in just about every industrial area in the country- are these outdoor eateries- boasting an unsophisticated ambience and no pulsating extravaganza whatsoever… you can often find three or four of them in a row- sometimes as little as 20 metres apart!
Don’t let the lack of a health department certificate put you off- every guest is more than welcome so long as they have cold hard cash. The modern, minimalist decor and classicism when it comes to the food may make things seem a little bland, and the menu doesn’t change often, but smokers are welcome! The dishes may sound different too- but be brave- why not opt for something like a smiley? Or runaways?! And no waitrons means no waiting- just order at the window and you’ll be handed you a piping hot and very reasonably priced plate of food!
And just what are “smileys” and “runaways” I hear you ask…?
Well …

10 thoughts on “Just Two Of The Little Known Restaurants In Sunny South Africa

  1. ec: hmm, maybe i should try this poutine… i don’t mind experimenting- even damien has been eating seafood since he was tiny, he loves calamari particularly! but there are a lot of things that put me off- i’d be a disaster in a survivor food challenge!

  2. Yummm – love poutine! I’d probably try the runaways, but don’t think I could manage the smiley. Rather averse (for some reason!) to eating anything that’s looking at me while I’m eating it! Otherwise, I’m usually an adventurous eater and love trying new things. Got that from my stepmom…I was the only one in the family of steak and potato eaters willing to be adventurous, so I was her constant ‘experiment’. I’ve been told I’ve even dined (as a very young child) on chocolate covered ants, but fortunately I don’t have any recollections of such!

  3. katt: never ever doll! just the thought of what it is puts me off completely

    ww: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! those are hysterical- i should see if any local restaurants will attempt them!

    dale: not to me either! i love french fries of all kinds- mcdonalds little skinny ones… covered in cheese and bacon bits… sprinkled with steers special spices… bugatti’s crispy wedges…!

  4. Wow, those are not taste tempting to me at all but then again, I’ll eat poutine which is french fries covered in cheese curd and then drowned in gravy. Mmmm, gravy.

  5. Hell’s Bells, girl! I imagine I could find chicken feet here in Canada!

    Sheeps head? Yech, I’m not smilin’.

    What about Gnarly Gnus? Hyaena Delight Boiled in Boa Broth? Wild Boar in Snake Sauce?

    Giraffe Giblet? Crocodile Eyes on Toast with Gazelle Gravy on the Side?

    Better order a pizza…

  6. Oh, this brings back memories of my days in the construction industry! The most appalling smells are the things I can recall. Did you try any offal?

  7. ww: not bad guesses dude- they’re chickens feet- referred to as “runaways“, the other picture is a sheeps head- referred to as a “smiley” because of the way the lips pull away from the teeth when it cooks.
    to be honest- i’ve never been brave enough to try either one… the “local” dishes are, um, colourful.

  8. Ooh, they look super appealing…

    Are those chicken’s feet? Ostrich? Emu? Eeeeee-wwwwwwwww!

    Can’t tell what the one on the right is, but if it’s called runaways, well, maybe I’d run away.

    I’d love to get to Africa, a lifelong dream, or at least South Africa with all that’s going on.

    But how does the local food go down and what are some of the delicacies (like these?)

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