8 thoughts on “BTW

  1. I did and I agree with JJ. Get those plates up there. People are quick to complain about taxis, but as you proved, they are not the only culprits!!!

  2. LOL What a brilliant idea! Alabamians are notoriously bad drivers.. not unsafe just terribly discurtious. I bet I could capture a few for the records around here.

    Thanks for all of the commments on my blog. I did go to membership only due to a great deal of spam on certain posts.

  3. jj: its as much for protection of my own semi-anonymity as well as avoiding the risk of a lawsuit! i do report the ones i can on the roadhogs link in the sidebar though…

    gareth: LOL… wee bit frustrated because my web connection has been playing silly buggers!

    nmotb: thanx bud

    ww: i wondered if this would come up- dunno if you can tell but in 90% of them i’m actually standing still- the rest is thanx to the joy of digital- aim & click & edit later!

  4. My question is, how can you possibly be driving safely if you’re taking pix of all the other motorists out there?

    You must be a talented lass indeed…

  5. WOWSERS!!!!! 4 posts in one day!! Do you need us to give you something to do lolol.
    I’m going to go and check the picie wickies now ……….

  6. Okay, but I don’t know how much good it will do if you black out their license plates and faces. You need to make their stupidity famous.

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