I go get in the car around lunch time to fetch Damien from school- and it starts raining a little so I switch on my windscreen wipers and… NOTHING! They don’t budge! I check to see if I’ve switched the care on yet- yup- and the headlights work, bit not the wipers!
Mucking Farvelous! The first thunderstorm of the spring slash summer and my wipers don’t work. I can’t risk fetching Damien anyway because if I get on the highway and it starts raining harder I won’t be able to see and I’ll have to wait out the rain… not a good idea on our highways!
Then I remember Mommy Darling took the day off ‘coz she’s moeg with a capital tired. I phone, but she and Daddy Darling have gone gallivanting. I ask if my Granny Sweetheart is home, Mommy Darling says yes- and she’s sure Granny Sweetheart won’t mind if I use her car. So I call Granny Sweetheart, and without a moments hesitation she says yes! There was no “if you put petrol in” or “if you take me here and there” or “what if I need it later”.
How cool is my gramma people!!
Of course, dropping my car off at Granny Sweetheart and taking her car added a good 30 minutes to my trip so I had to work it in yesterday afternoon. I eventually got back to Granny Sweetheart just after 6pm.
And thanx to that asshole named Murphy, the second I pulled out of the driveway it started raining again!
Thank goodness it was just the fuse- nothing expensive or time consuming!

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