We Went Horse Riding Last Sunday Again!

This time I sorta mentally prepared myself for how much physical effort is involved in riding a horse and how much I was gonna hurt afterwards… and (I think as a result of my mental preparation) I hurt in a whole different place to the last time we rode! Last time it was my, um, pelvic floor area (you know- the part of ones body that one sits on) that hurt the most- almost like it was bruised… this time it was my upper thighs that hurt! Felt like I’d worked my legs in a gym!
Poor Damien got an utterly non-cooperative horse this time though, I think his name was Continental– he just couldn’t get this animal to do what he wanted it to (I think maybe it was a beginner’s horse- but he chose the grey when it came down from the paddock…)! My horse was amazing- a chestnut named Tanda and I’ll be sure to ask for him again when we go back. Nephew N spent the weekend with sister C so he was also riding with us- it was his first time riding alone and he had such a blast, sister B says he hasn’t stopped talking about it! He rode a horse named Socks (who turned out to be an intermediate not a beginner’s horse) and he grinned from ear to ear the whole time we were out! Sister C’s significant other stayed home, he wasn’t feeling too hot but his daughter and his little sister came with us, it was his sister’s first ride entirely but she did surprisingly well- I had her horse on a lead rein for the first twenty minutes or so and then she decided she was fine. His daughter also got a horse who didn’t want to play the game and she was more than a little frustrated. She usually rides one named Rooies… and I dunno why we didn’t ask for him this time. Sister C rode Buck like she usually does- but even he didn’t want to stick to the rules on Sunday! She had quite a time getting him to respond at first.
Compared to the last time we rode it was helluva dry, you could even see a small island in the dam that we couldn’t see in March. And comparing the photos shows a marked difference in the greenery between March and July! And yes- I know July is winter so the grass should be brown, but the dust was hell on my lungs, I was battling to breathe within ten minutes of leaving the main house!
We found the Wildebeest again, this time we snuck up on them from the bottom of the hill and set them stampeding away from us- very cool.
There’s pictures in my Flickr link… Blogger wouldn’t let me upload anything!

3 thoughts on “We Went Horse Riding Last Sunday Again!

  1. sudden intake of breath and then a sharp smack on the wrist (from the guy in the office next door {who was very confused when i asked for one})
    i apologise profusely people- it was indeed nephew S and not nephew N who went riding with us!

  2. (Hand on hip, rolling eyes upwards and a tongue click) For the record it was nephew S who went horseriding with you, not Nephew N. Helllloooo!!!

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