I Have A New Favourite Picture

We took these last night, we were visiting with family who are visiting here for a while, and we had delicious veggie or butternut soup for supper (I had both) and then- we took pictures! Of course! What would a family gathering of any kind be without pictures!

And this is my new favourite picture- from left to right- its sister B, sister C and da Bruvva!
All four of us- laughing our heads off at trying to fit on one couch!
ad Bruvva & SIL
Mois… in my auntie’s glasses (nooo- they’re not mine)!!
Sister C, sister B and mois…

8 thoughts on “I Have A New Favourite Picture

  1. nmotb: the glasses are just luvverly aren’t they?!

    dawn: consider yourself hugged doll!
    d & his cousins had attached themselves to the computer & the chessboard- we hardly saw them!

    cinderella: thanx for the compliment & the visit!

    spookie: love you too!

    katt: we were indeed, glad we could make you smile too!

    mel: thanx mel!

    buddess: we do indeed play together, we’re very lucky being as close as we are!

  2. I agree with all above. You look like a family who can play together and that is important. Awesome!!

  3. It’s amazing how a mood can be captured in photos – you guys are having a blast! And there is a smile on my dial just looking at this piccies. Gorgeous!

  4. You all look so happy..I LOVE seeing people’s pictures, taking pictures, it’s a memory frozen in time..Photo’s are treasures.

    Lovely pics…you are all so adorable!!

  5. These are delicious!!! What is it with our aunts and uncles and their TV screen sunglasses – you look mooi poppie! Makes me want to jump in between you all on the couch and cash in on some serious hugs, laughs and snuggles. Thanks for sharing. Lots of blessings in these smiles. xoxox (where was the Big D? – or did he take the pics?)

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