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This Saturday past, we had our monthly girl’s movie night and we saw “The Break Up” with Jennifer Aniston and the new man in her life (the dude that’s so tall- I forget his name).
Anyhoo, we would much rather have seen “Pirates of the Caribbean II”, but we didn’t think far enough ahead and when we got to he movie theatre, both showings of the delectable Johnny Depp playing “Jack Sparrow” for the second time were completely sold out! Hence- “The Break Up”.
I must be honest- I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I thought I would. It was quite realistic in terms of what I think a break up after a long term relationship is actually like. I (of course) was cheering for the relationship to end and for her to hook up with the gorgeous dimple-cheeked rich guy who had already asked her out, simply because I fully believe that if it isn’t working, then get the hell out. I also do NOT believe in getting back together after breaking up because people simply do not change. I was probably the only person in the theatre who rather liked the ending!
And if I thought it would do any good- I would suggest couples go and see the movie together- but men would take their other halves because it’s a “chick flick” and its been a while since they let her pick a movie (and because taking them OUT to see a “chick flick” might actually get them laid afterwards)… and women would take their men for the movie’s “message”… but because their men are thinking about the possibility of sex later- they’ll be entirely distracted from any subliminal messages by the big-screen TV in the apartment in question, and by Jennifer’s naked stroll through the aforementioned apartment and then spend the rest of the movie waiting for her to do it again.
So what’s the message slash messages? In my humble opinion- there are three main points:
1. Men are not mind readers, they do not respond to coy hints and suggestive conversation.
2. Women need to learn this and remember it.
3. Relationships require compromise and communication from BOTH parties!
Me? Cynical? You better bloody believe it!

8 thoughts on “My Movie Review

  1. I still want to go and see the movie actually both of them that you mentioned. I have a question though, how many guys were in there watching “The Break Up”? Thought provoking post!!!!

  2. Gauging by your three points you made, you are indeed a wise one! Do you think there is something in the water that we are so disillusioned? Or is that realistic?

  3. ww: johnny depp… i can’t explain it really! although he’s only third on my personal little list.
    nicely put about breakups BTW…

  4. What’s the big attraction to Johnny Depp? Just kiddin’…

    The problem with breakups, I think, is they don’t often happen in a mutual way.

    There’s usually a “breaker-upper” and a “broken-upper,” and that’s the pain of it all.

    One is rejecting…the other is rejected. Either way, there’s pain on both sides.

    Angel, I agree entirely with you and Spookie. Guys can be pretty dense, especially if they think everything’s cool.

    If it isn’t, they need to be told that, and why, in a loving way, if there’s love left to give.

    If there isn’t, then end it.

    Either way, a movie ain’t gonna do it.

  5. “forgetful”: i’m so sorry bud… i’ll make sure i phone next time! and thanx a bunch for queueing for me!

    spooks: happy holidays!

    gareth: totally parallel lives dude- the whole trousers of time thing don’t ya know!!

  6. Lol I have dejavue now – I read this on Spookie’s blog too, hehehe. So I’m guessing that you guys went to the same thing otherwise you are leading parallel lives lol.

  7. Yep – I agree with the messages in the movie. But if any women out there are trying to get their men to understand a few things – just come out and tell them, they won’t get it if you take them to see a movie. I have tried this and then if Happy does ask me “am I like that?” and I tell him he is – he gets all offended. So just be straight with them, that’s the only thing they respond positively to. But like you said Angel – it was too little, too late. I am glad it ended the way it did too, something different from the “norm” hey? Was quite a cool movie – I loved the gay receptionist…. he was treat.

  8. Hello, Thanks for reminding me!!! You know what my memory is like! So here I was at home on Saturday night wondering what to do!!! Fluckit I am totally loosing it, on second thoughts I have lost it!!!! That card thing, I paid R800.00 on Saturday – Don’t get a fright – I actually remembered and went to stand in a cue do it!!!! Love you Bud – Oh before I forget, I love the pics down below!!!

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