Battesimo Doppio!

Some of you will remember me posting about my friend’s twin boys here and here back in April, they were born a few days after Damien’s birthday. This past Sunday was their christening- and you will not believe how baby J and baby W have grown! They weighed a little under 2.5 kg at birth, and now at about 4 months old they’re weighing in at close to 7kg! They are the most adorable little boys, they were passed from pillar to post all day on Sunday and not once did they moan or complain! They smile and talk to anyione who’ll listen! So, without further ado- here are some new pictures of the twins, their parents (G&A) and their big sister (A). These are also Damien’s weekend parents and he absolutely adores them! Love them all to death!

6 thoughts on “Battesimo Doppio!

  1. dawn: that’s one of my fav pictures of their big sister- and the parent’s story is actually rather romantic…

    mel: aren’t they just!?

    nmotb: hey bud! i took the song off once my mom heard it… chews my megs!

    spookie: she is adorable and very clever!

    buddess: doppio gemello

  2. TOO CUTE!!! My sis is expecting her second set of twins!!! She has a boy and girl aged 8 and is now 21 weeks pregnant with her second set.

  3. They are so big already!!! And The parents look really well. Love that picture of Big Sis – she really is a beautiful combo of mom and dad hey? Very sweet photo.

  4. Hello There My Dear Friend – The babies are soooo cute! Did you enjoy the movie? Just had to get that song!

  5. Delicious babies – and the sister -how cute is that photo of chocolate face!? The parents are interesting looking – they sort of look alike. Lovely to see thriving babies. Congrats! xoxo

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