Here’s A Greebo Update

I haven’t posted pictures of just Greebo in a while, so here are some new and very cute ones.
This is how cold it was last Thursday- this is Greebo sleeping inside Damien’s tracksuit top on the couch…
…in the bathroom basin- again- and it was wet inside the basin and the cold tap was dripping slowly on his back…
…peeping at me over the top of my laptop screen…
…and dozing on Damien’s tummy- his fav possie…
Isn’t he just too gorgeous?

And this- drum roll please- is Greebo’s sister! The people I got Greebo from kept one of his siblings, and we visited there last week. She’s a lot fatter than Greebo- but I can see similarities (of course I can- being the complete cat slave that I am)!

19 thoughts on “Here’s A Greebo Update

  1. cats I just love cats. We had a pitch black cat to with the green eyes. my little sister picked her up at one of our parks with her abilical cord still attached she was about 2 days old. We had to do pajama drill at night to feed her and she slept on a warm water bottle she turned about 4 then she got knock over by car.

  2. dawn: dankie pop- jy ook hoor! liefies!

    jj: its not deliberate… as soon as blogger lets me post pics again i’ll put something up sepcially for you!

  3. Just wanted to wish you all a cuddly, snuggly, sinurse-free warm and fuzzy weekend, skattie! xoxo

  4. katt: thanx doll!

    g: doesn’t he just!

    beads: ooh- i must come and look at pictures of joey…

    cm: heh heh, another favourite greebo possie is inside the washing machine!

  5. He looks mischievous… the great thing with cats is that you never know what they are going to do next….. I caught my kitten sleeping in the toilet!!! She does this rather often come to think of it….

  6. Greebo sure is an intelligent creature. He knows where the warmth is whilst the rest of us freeze are butts off lol.

  7. the tart: LOL! i have two! greebo has a white tip to his tail and golden eyes, and taxi is all black with light copper eyes.
    i’m SO glad blackie is recovering nicely.

    dawn: thanx dawn- antihistamines work a treat!

    nmotb: me & d both home today… housework, homework… so much for bedrest!

    spookie: he REALLY doesn’t like people in his domain… even people he sees fairly often! he will curl up with you if you spend the night though…

    buddess: oh sister- i hereby do beseech you to put pictures of your feline companion on display!
    as for the sinuses… DO COBBEDT!

  8. I will have to post pics of my Midnight!!!! We all seem to have black kitties. Are we witches? And all suffering from sinusitus?? How coincidental is that???

  9. I love thos pictures. He’s not really a people personkitty though so I have gotten to know him really. But he always amuses me when I see your photos. He’s a real egg sometimes.

  10. Love the blue eyes peeping at your over the screen! Real purrrty kitty! Feel burter soorn! xox

  11. Hey you have a Blackie kitty too!!!! Great photos.

    Texas Blackie is 95% back to normal.

    Purrs & smooches,
    The Tart


  12. ja- i just love my greebalobeebaloboo!
    ars faan hey… jus gorra bout of sarnusartis just for fun ya no!
    mucking farvelous!

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