Okay blog friends- for a little insight into my movie taste… here’s a quote from one of my personal favourites:

“There’s no right, there’s no wrong, there’s only popular opinion.”

Any idea which movie this is?

13 thoughts on “Guess…

  1. the tart: he is just adroable isn’t he- my sister got him for me!

    whatalotoffun: aaah- a challenge!

  2. you can ask me anything about kids movies I will tell you every story. My little one owns about 60 animated kids movies and watched every single one with her and some I have washed like 20 times.

  3. Angel … the way your mind works I really do think you are a little green dragon! BTW … I love that little guy … he is just too cute!

    Big 12 monkey smooch,
    The Tart


  4. ww: i do indeed love the star wars movies… but you’re the closest with your “13 monkeys” guesstimate

    phats: hardly ever watched it, i think it was on when i still lived at home and daddy darling controlled the remote!

    spookie: that puts you second!

  5. Ok, I was gonna say “Beetlejuice” but if there is a number in the title then Within Without’s 13 Monkeys would be my next guess.

    I dunno!!

  6. Hmm I have no idea! I don’t watch many movies.

    90210 was the best freakin’ show ever and is coming out on DVD in NOV

  7. Duh…

    Trois — The Escort?

    Beverly Hills 90210 — The Movie?

    13 Monkeys?

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich?

    The Omen VXIIII?

    Star Wars 18?

    Like I said…duh…

  8. whatalotoffun: okay… maybe i’ll quiz you on them sometime! LOL

    tart: at least you admitted cheating and didn’t give away the answer! actually, i was googling something for damien and found a list of quotes- so i looked for some of my favourites! its frightening where my mind goes sometimes…

    ww & nmotb: um, there’s a number in the title?

  9. dont have a clue. not into movies anymore just dont have the time for it just kids movies.

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