Here’s Another ADHD Poem!

And I love this one! I found it here and I’ll be linking Tracy in my side-bar soon. This one in particular is very close to my heart… I’ve been through nearly everything in this poem and I’ve often been judged by my “neighbour”- literally & figuratively!

© By: Tracy Nicolaus
What kind of mother sits in the front yard,
Making mud-pies before dawn?
Then hoses her son and herself down like animals,
Don’t you think that’s wrong?
And did you see that tantrum her kid threw,
In the grocery store?
Why she just stood there smiling at him,
I can’t take this anymore!
I should call Protective Services and have that boy taken away,
To a nice quiet family, normal you know?
Where he’ll learn how to obey!
Once she pinned him down on the sidewalk,
Imagine how he felt!
I looked at her shamefully and she said
“I’m not using a belt!”
I hear she put a padlock,
On the outside of his door,
She told Sally it’s “for his protection”,
When she couldn’t take anymore”!
Everyone hears his screaming,
That yelling never ends!
And she’s always with that poor child,
He hasn’t got any friends!
She taught him to play with matches and knives,
I saw it myself,
Do you think that is wise?
They were throwing a butter knife at each others feet,
Right there on the lawn, at the edge of the street!
And one day she had these matches,
A whole big box of them,
They sat on the curb,
And she watched as he burned,
Each one of them to the end!
The poor child was just sobbing,
He had blisters on his thumb!
I was listening,
Here’s what she said to him
“See? Playing with matches is really dumb”!
“Natural consequences” her only reply,
I tell you its all rubbish!
If that were my child,
I’ll tell you what!
He would be PROPERLY punished!
And it’s odd,
‘Cause I KNOW she’s the worst kind of Mom,
But that boy has a twinkle in his eye like a song.
And he’s really quite charming and a smart little chap,
It’s amazing he survives with a mother like that!

5 thoughts on “Here’s Another ADHD Poem!

  1. I have an 11 year old son with Ahdh. I have posted on my blog about him and our struggles several times. This poem really hit home for me. Thanks for posting it. I am glad I found your blog. 🙂

  2. dawn: it SO helps to know you all hold me in such high regard, teehee!

    gail: absolutely says it all!

    spookie: nope- it never does- i’m proud of you too!

  3. Yes, what Gail said. People should be slow to judge and quick to support. But unfortunately it never works that way does it? I don’t envy you, but I am proud of you.

  4. Walk a mile in my shoes
    And before you abuse
    Criticise and accuse
    Walk a mile in my shoes…Says it all Angel.
    Love Blue

  5. People are so quick to judge, aren’t they???? This pulls at my heart strings and takes my admiration for you and D to another level! xoxo

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