This is my first blogging “award” and I’m very chuffed!
I am Michael’s blog of the week, how cool is that!?! And he did considerable research into my blogging history too- I’m very impressed! Go on over (there’s a link in my sidebar) and mail him if you’re a South African blogger too!

12 thoughts on “YEEEEHAAH!!!!

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  2. I’m glad you did it. Congrats!!!! We need to get all our SA buddies to contact Michael. That should keep him out of mischief for a while – mwaaahhhhhh!!!

  3. michael: oh stop- i’m blushing!
    and as for these commenters- i couldn’t agree more- i hope they’re all going to come on over and sign up!

  4. Stand Up, your the champion, your the champion…. so stand up!! Well done!! Hoo hoo

  5. Thats so totally awesome sis!!! Well done, it’s about time somebody saw how cool your blog is. It’s what inspired me afterall.

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