I Am Getting A Callous

On my hand!

You know the part of your hand that rests on the table when you use a mouse- sort of the bottom ?corner? of my right palm- right there!!

No jokes!

8 thoughts on “I Am Getting A Callous

  1. Teehee…your job is blogging and surfing??? Just kidding. I have that same callous. I’m glad it’s now a callous…hurt like heck while it was becoming a callous!

  2. ww: of course- but if anyone can hink of a joke i’d love to hear it!
    and its not just from blogging and surfing- its my job!

  3. What’s the point if we’re not allowed to make a joke. Can I just laugh?????

  4. terri: oooh- brilliant idea! won’t you email my boss and tell him so?

    spookie: i don’t think so! i have the callouses on my fingers from writing and drawing, and now i have the mouse callous…

    rramone: i’m waiting for the jokes…

    tart: my fingers are fine, its just the callous!

  5. No jokes … where’s Kyk! We must have at least 1 joke.

    Hmmm, do your fingers hurt too? Mine are.
    The Tart
    ; )

  6. Now what possible jokes could one make about such a callous? 😉

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog…

  7. Good greif!! You always got callouses in the weirdest places – on your hands I mean…

    You’re a freak

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