Stuff I Saw Recently

I think I’ve mentioned before how I don’t watch the news or read the paper, and the only news I catch up on is on the radio while I’m driving and via News24 morning e-mails. And of course- the newspaper adverts along the road.
This one is scary- translated it says, “We Can’t Anymore” and its about the South African Police Department. Wonderful… really inspires trust doesn’t it!?!

NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! Our countries HIV/AIDS policies are a joke and its common knowledge!

This one was just funny!
The one newspaper headline poster I wanted to get a picture of, I kept missing! The one I missed was priceless- it said Thief Puts Phone Up His Bum so, if this was your phone that the cops had managed to recover- would you want it back?!? I must admit, I was a little disappointed when the story didn’t pan out quite as the headline had predicted…
I finally got a picture of my bab’s “peach fuzz”! He was asleep- otherwise I probably would never have gotten one!

10 thoughts on “Stuff I Saw Recently

  1. Yaaay – someone else who doesn’t watch the news and read newspapers. Those headlines are totally crazy but the best of all is the pic of Big-D … cheeky, sneaky Ma – tee hee, :o)

  2. h e: teehee, luckily damien didn’t battle too much with the breaking voice problem!
    “we can’t anymore” means just that- there aren’t enough of them, they aren’t respected, they aren’t paid enough, and a cop is killed everyday in our country! they deal with a lot of shit and they get no support!
    its very scary…

  3. My 16 year old inherited all of the fur genes that have been dormant for about 5 generations YIKES. I like the voice modulation up and down and up and down.

    What exactly does we can’t anymore mean? We can’t protect you or we can’t stay away from the doughnut shop?
    btw;I love your road rage picture gallery. You need a bazooka instead of a camera. No you need both. It looks like you can pretty much just do whatever you want to out there.

  4. nmotb: it can make one really worried hey!

    ww: i told damien his uncle could teach him to shave one day when there’s enough to shave!

    tammy: tee hee, i never thought of that!

    gareth: heh heh- i wondered if everyone would get it… the ‘N’s in the sign are back to front!

    mel: he saw it the next day, he wasn’t ecstatic, but he knows how i am over pictures!

  5. He is going to be upset with you when he finds out you took that photo lol He is growing up too quickly

  6. I don’t understand the Chinese joke :/
    Does that make me silly?? Don’t answer that lol 😉

  7. I would make them shove it back up – and call him repeatedly!!!
    Your baby is growing up 🙁

  8. My guy has sprouted the peach fuzz too, Angel…

    told him I’ll teach him to shave but not yet, because once you start, you’re doin’ it for life…

  9. Oh I saw those too – Love the one about our Police – You know those guy’s that are supposed to protect us!!!!! Cute pic of Damian! Da Goose made the Team – check it out!

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