Drama! Drama! Drama!

We went horse riding again today.
Sister B organised riding for us as a family because I won’t be able to ride again for a while after my surgery at the end of September.

…all the saddles lined up and waiting for when we arrived…

We started our ride at close to 1pm, and we were a group of about 15 which makes for some considerable planning on ours as well as the farm’s part. We were quite a diverse group as well, a couple of little girls who’d never ridden before, a few beginners who have never ridden alone, a few who ride occasionally as well as a couple of old “pros”. The weather was incredible! It was warm, cloudy, not hot and not raining. Perfect!
All was going really well, the beginners were getting more and more comfortable in their saddles and starting to feel more at ease. A little more than halfway through the ride we were in the process of splitting into two groups so the more experienced riders could go for a run across an open field while the rest of us hung back to follow the road up the hill. My BIL was on a horse named Sun, who’s, um, high-spirited to say the least. As soon as Sun had his head he took off across the field. Sister C and her boyfriend’s daughter D were already running and were about halfway across the field, and both were riding horses they knew and liked. Sister C was on Tequila who was starting to head left towards another road home, and Sun went careening down the field and caught Tequila by surprise, sending him rearing and lurching back to the right. Sun and Tequila collided and Sister C went down- landing on her backside and lower back and then rolling head over heels. Now I was running too- which I never do- because I wanted to make sure Sister C was okay (I’ve had some basic first responder training), it happened so fast. By the time I got there BIL was on the ground too.
Another guy from our group arrived and dismounted to hold Sun while BIL had a look at Sister C, and this friend’s horse- Whisky- promptly took off for home again! Damien went after him but he decided on a shortcut through the forest and Damien couldn’t catch him. Then I arrived and took Tequila and Buck’s reins to make sure they stayed put but I stayed in the saddle. There was a young rider from the farm with us taking one of the little girls on a lead rein and he then lit out for the farm to fetch a bakkie to fetch Sister C. She was very eina* and definitely wouldn’t be riding back. While Sister C found her feet again, Damien was running his horse- Britannica- around the same field, he’d been with us where C fell, but his horse didn’t want to stand still. I shouted to him that he could go if he wanted to and he set off for the farm at a run, glad to have some time to himself.
Nephew M, daughter D and I were ahead of the rest of the group and as far ahead as we were we couldn’t see Damien! By the time we had all arrived back at the house and dismounted it was after 2! We all headed back to Sister C’s place for a braai and to let our backsides recover before driving home. Daddy darling worked today otherwise he would have ridden with us, but when he arrived a little later he insisted on taking Sister C to a doctor or a hospital.
Sister C was admitted with a cracked pelvis and a dislocated right middle finger! Poor baby… if something drastic goes wrong, it’s always Sister C who gets the short end of the stick! She’ll now be in hospital on a catheter and a morphine drip for a couple of days at least! And poor BIL feels horribly guilty even though it was SO not his fault and he’s limping too!
And you know what; it would have been an absolutely perfect day if my baby sister hadn’t hurt herself!

*in pain

7 thoughts on “Drama! Drama! Drama!

  1. Ouch! My love and best wishes to Sister and all other injured parties. Still love horses tho. I’ve been kicked in the gut by one, and thrown by another. Just too ornery (or thick!) to get seriously hurt either time! I so wish that had been the case for your Sister…

  2. It just reeeeaaaally sucks that she is so far away. 🙁
    I so want to go and be with her a bit. She sounded so down and eina on the phone last nigh.
    Why must she stay so FAR!!! You as the oldest sister should have ALL the answers dont you know!

    What am I going to do when you both are “down and out”??

  3. nmotb: i’ll give her your love… i hope i haven’t completely scared you outta joining us sometime?

    phats: i’ve always loved them, i just wish i could have loaded more pictures!

    ww: i hope i haven’t scared you too! i’m sure she’ll be fine, she’s in a lot of pain, but she insisted on walking with the physiotherapist today so she can go home asap!

    dawn: drama china- and where there’s drama there’s sister c! she’s had her neck in a brace four times and she’s even been in traction once! granted most of her accidents were pre-alcohol-rehab… but the poor doll wasn’t always the driver!

  4. OMG – shame, man! A cracked pelvis must be seriously eina. Please wish all injured parties better. Good on Daddy Darling for having her checked out. Drama, china – of the highest order.

  5. Eek. Never really caught the drift of riding a horse — always rode ’em so bad that me inside legs and other sensitive parts got the worst of it — and this isn’t going to help.

    Hope sis will be OK, Angel…

  6. Hi, Hope she is ok, please send me love, I so know how if feels to donner off a horse but luckily I have never broken or cracked anything! Sounds like you had fun!

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