Really Weird Googles…

People Googled these and found me on the result list…

exhibitionist flasher south africa

pictures of me wearing nappies

afrikaans wedding invitation template

naked teens with angel wings

…a couple of them I can understand how they got to me, like ‘afrikaans’ and ‘South Africa’ and ‘angel’, but what on earth are people looking for!?!?! I mean- how’s Google supposed to know who ‘me’ is for goodness sake?

3 thoughts on “Really Weird Googles…

  1. tart: very strange indeed… its amazing what googling my name can result in!

    peong: haha! i wish! ‘coz then i could REALLY write an interesting post about a frootloop who admitted googling something really strange!
    nuh- if you look down the bottom end of my sidebar you’ll see a link called “my blog log”. they have a free service (the one i have)!

  2. The last one is a little scary…
    How did you find out about the searches that brought people to you? Did someone actually have the guts to say “hi, I was looking for naked teens with angel wings and I found your site, can you help me out here?”

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