I’m done…

So far so good. This was the first time I entered one of Clarity of Night’s fiction competitions, this one was called “The Lonely Moon Short Fiction Contest” and you can go and read my entry if you’d like.
I actually found out about Jason’s competitions via Terri when she participated months ago… and I kept missing them after that. I didn’t miss this one because I subscribed to his site feed to I actually got a notification this time!
Oh what would I do without electronic messaging!?!

9 thoughts on “I’m done…

  1. phats: his favourite subject is art dude! i must photograph some more of is drawings so i can load them.

    spookie: i liked your pics too!

    terri: thanx terri! so when are you going to do another fiction piece? i miss yours…

  2. First off: LOVE the new look! Second: so glad u like ur dragon 🙂
    Thirdly: I love your dragon stories! They’re a breath of fresh air 🙂

  3. I love the new look!!! It’s really neat. Now you HAVE TO help me redo mine!!
    Will read your story nownow, love your horse riding photos!!

  4. I have no clue what i’d do without the net. I am a cheap bastard so I never call anyone LD I just catch them on IM! haha.

    So, what is Damien’s favorite subject in school? Tell him I will put the fight song back up, took it down for my current entry since it’s a video with sound

  5. cm: thanx for the compliment dude! i hope it doesn’t get too busy, ‘coz then it’ll take too long to load.

    nmotb: heh heh… dunno what happened, went blank for a minute there… mwaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

  6. Oh and of all the blogs, yours wins the most interesting, there is sooooo much to do on your blog!

  7. Hey there Angel, whats up, what you done with?

    That Dragon is amazing… lucky you

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