Gotta Love Them

And I do- they’re gorgeous and they’re the highest heels I have ever owned!
But they’re an absolute bitch to shop in! I wore them on wednesday to work, which is fine because I sit behind my laptop most of the day, but shopping for a few groceries and going to the chemist after work had me hobbling around like a dodo on crutches for the rest of the night! But make no mistake bunnies, I will wear them again…

17 thoughts on “Gotta Love Them

  1. tart: i couldn’t agree more doll!

    mel: i won’t be doing these very often, i can guarantee you that!

  2. Ooohh they are gorgeous. I don’t do high heals. Oh gosh. Nope. But those are gorgeous

  3. gail: oh i don’t blame you!

    cm: mmmmmmm indeedy- that’s my version of wishful thinking, its what my mind looks like!

    ec: wa, ahll be thankin ya kahndly fir thayt darrrlin’!
    you should have seen me hobbling around

    peong: thank you!

    i just LOVE all these compliments!

  4. LOL @ “dodo on crutches”!!!

    Love the shoes…they’re gorgeous, just like you Angel!

  5. Whats even better than them shoes is the pic of the vixen clad in leather….. mmmmmmm

  6. nmotb: great minds think alike ‘ey…

    gail: yay- i love having things in common with my blog friends!

    dawn: doll- i am so sexy its frightening- literally!

    spookie: they are aren’t they?

    shortypam: i couldn’t agree more… and howdy- thanx for popping in!

    katt: i won’t be wearing them if i go shopping thats for bloody sure!

  7. Hi Angel! I’ve been out of it for a while so I was just catching up. Those shoes are gorgeous but rather you than me – heels kill me.

  8. oh my gosh, ur shoes are a beaut… keep on wearin em girl!! one has to suffer for beauty…

  9. The new look, the new shoes … oozing sex appeal everywhere, Mama! Looking pretty darn good. xox

  10. I love,love love them. They are so the sort of shoe that I would wear , Angel. Wear them whenever you have an opportunity.

    Remember– Pride feels no pain!!

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