Time To Pick A Caption

Damien drew me a cartoon- and you can now decide on the captions for the thought bubbles…

Damien will pick the one he likes the most and I’ll add them to the picture by next Tuesday. Then he’ll do another cartoon for next Friday. Maybe i’ll even try my hand at a ‘toon sometime…

8 thoughts on “Time To Pick A Caption

  1. I totally dont get nmotb’s caption, do you Damien?
    lol guess it’s an inside joke hu?
    Blessings guys.
    Tracy_Nicolaus aka anonymous

    How funny, my login word is HIPWACX, I love it!
    That’s me in a nutshell!

  2. Cat: I’ll meeow-der you if you even touch my bowl
    Dog: Try me kitty – you don’t scare me, I already ate … a cat like you for breakfast.

  3. Hi There, We are in and almost settled! What time are you coming tomorrow? We are going to the mall to get blinds for the kids rooms and paint and then we will be home! Give me a buzz in the morning – luv ya bye!

  4. Cat: “how can I be scared of something as stupid as you?”

    Dog: “Get away from my bowl”

  5. “Does it look like I’m scared of you? *pft*, think again! You have a better chance of chocking on a furball than eating my food!

  6. Why yes I did eat your food and mine fido! Say is that a scar on your nose from the last time I kicked your butt?

    Dhu-sthupid kiddy! Thh-umday I’ll get you!

    Nice Job Damien
    You have talent!

  7. Dog: “Grrrr…what’s that dang cat smiling about?”

    Cat: “Stupid dog – growling over an empty bowl of all things! Touch it and I’ll make mincemeat of you Fluffy!”

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