What A Weekend Bunnies!

It was crazy! Damien had a bit of a cough that started last week and on Wednesday I got a call to fetch him from school. I didn’t take him to the doctor, I just got him some medicine from the chemist and we stayed home Thursday and Friday. Luckily I can work from home so my boss said I could do that rather than leave him home alone. I got us a few DVDs and although we didn’t get to watch them all (I was awake till 3am Friday morning… so I didn’t last long on Friday night) I decided to take them to sister C’s place on the Saturday. Every now and then I get a bit of a bee in my bonnet about making a plan to home school Damien, but then I spend a couple of days at home with him and I change my mind very quickly- even when he takes his meds! Friday night we quickly popped over to mommy and daddy darling to say goodbye before they left on Saturday morning for a week away by themselves.
Saturday morning I was up early, and then I picked up sister B and her eldest, and then Damien, nephew M, sister B and I headed out to sister C’s place to play nursemaid for her (she got out of hospital on Thursday after cracking her pelvis in last week’s horse riding incident). En-route to sister C’s we stopped at two places to get cool drink and nibbles but neither place accepted credit or debit cards! How weird is that? Sister C was in bed where she was supposed to be and she was very glad to see us! We pretty much spent the rest of the day on the bed with her watching a movie and eating nibbly things, the boys played pool and ping pong and helped sister C refill her fish tank which she hadn’t been able to do since last Sunday. She’s able to get around as long as she uses both her crutches, and she goes back to her specialist this Friday coming. Luckily there’s no other damage apart from some soft tissue damage and a slightly bruised bladder. Poor thing is still in pain though, and I hope she feels 100% again real soon! I luv you li’l sis!
After leaving sister C’s place late in the afternoon, we dashed off home because we had our monthly girl’s movie night to prepare for. I dropped off sister B and her eldest- and then suggested I pick up her and two of her boys (M & D) later again for movies since Happy was away fishing with my nephew S for the night. Damien and I dashed off home to change and he painted his nails (I did his right hand for him- giggling like a mad thing at the strange picture it would have made, a mom painting her son’s finger nails) and then we left again to pick up B & boys. On arriving at the movie house- we were faced with “Hoodwinked” “The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift” “The Lady In The water” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”. Then my cousin and his wife and their son arrived just after us so we opted to send the two bigger boys in to see “Tokyo Drift” with my cousin while the rest of the girls (5 of us) took the two younger boys in to see “Hoodwinked”. I dunno bout the kids- but us grownups laughed our heads off at it! It was brilliant! I’ve been waiting for it, and I am so glad I got to see it on the big screen. Afterwards we scooted off home ‘coz we had kids in tow… so much for a girl’s movie night, heh heh!
Sunday morning I picked up my granny for church- and she’d woken up on completely the wrong side of the globe people! Not many people get to see my granny in a bad mood- she usually saves that for my poor mommy darling, but on Sunday morning- she gave everyone and their dog what for! I was a little late picking her up and she was waiting for me at the gate AND she phoned me to make sure I hadn’t forgotten her. She woke up da Bruvva and my SIL because they’d parked their cars behind hers the night before, even though we could go to church in my car. Then she told me all about da Bruvva’s transgressions en-route to church and then after church I had to hear some other gripes… I keep having to remind myself that my Gran grew up on all but a different planet to mine… but it still rubs me the wrong way.
After church I stopped at Pick ‘n Pay to get a roast chicken- but they were already sold out! so I settled for chicken nuggets, coke and fresh rolls and shipped Damien and myself off to my bestest best fwend’s place for lunch. We were going to braai- and then she decided to move a lot earlier than originally planned! I LOVE the new place- its truly stunning with LOTS of kitchen cupboards! Since she and her hubby did most everything yesterday there wasn’t much for me to do today, but we had a lekker kuier and then Damien and I left to go home and do some house work… mwaaaaaaaahahahaha! I didn’t get a lot of house work done, but I at least did a load of washing before I went on line to try and catch up on a weekend on no surfing!I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

7 thoughts on “What A Weekend Bunnies!

  1. Can’t wait to read what your weekend is like if the heading says, “What a rush!” As long as you are having fun, that’s all that counts. Hope Sis keeps improving! xox

  2. It was a lekka weekend hey! You were pretty busy though. Thanks for saturday! Love you madly

  3. hey there, looks like u had quite a busy weekend, glad u had fun… hope u lil’un and ur sis get better soon, mwah!!!

  4. No girl. Weekends are for relaxing 🙂 However, spending weekends with family are the best! Your poor sister. Hope she gets better soon

  5. Its funny I am always surprised when people accept credit cards at deli’s and cafee’s. It was so weird for me in SA that they all accepted credit cards – I guess because everything is so expensive there they have to – here Mc D’s and those places jhust started accepting credit cards. Things are so much cheaper here and a dollar still buys a lot of stuff. Hope everyone is feeling better!!

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