Crikey! No More Poking Things With Sticks!

That’s right bunnies; Steve Irwin- Crocodile Hunter- has gone off to that big reptile park in the sky.
Because of a freak accident! But with his line of work and his lifestyle it’s hardly a surprise… yes, he was the butt of many parodies and many jokes, but Damien admired him, and always wanted to be able to live the way Steve did when he grows up one day. In Damien’s humble opinion the man was an ADHDer like him, and that made him a good guy too.
Steve’s love of animals and passion for conservation was admirable, and I think the world will be a much poorer and a very much quieter place without him.
I don’t usually comment on news stuff and headlines, but I had to say a little something about this one. You can read more about this tragedy here and here.

11 thoughts on “Crikey! No More Poking Things With Sticks!

  1. I am going to miss him. We always watched his shows and I admired his love and courage. He had several close encounters and I am really sad that he is gone.

    Soppy little me shed a few tears when hubby phoned to tell me that Steve had died. May his memory and efforts live forever.

  2. tracy: blogger seems full of ess aitch one tee lately!

    phats: i gave damien your message, and there’ll be another caption game this weekend…

    dawn: it is heartsore innit…

    keshi: thanx for stopping by doll, he is indeed a loss to this world!

    katt: heh heh, crikey! see if you can track down some croc hunter videos on the web- then you’ll see why he was a love him or hate him kinda guy!
    watch out for that tail!

    spookie: i do indeed feel for his family

    gail: dinkum doll- he was a character and a half!

    shortypam: i agree pam!

  3. its jus so sad when some one who did alot of good for the world just dies suddenly, we need alot more people like him in this world… bless him.

  4. As an Aussie I am pleased to see your post about Steve Irwin, Angel. The country is absolutley stunned. Parliament had a minute silence in honour of him today and television stations have been running tributes since the accident occurred. There has only ever been one, possibly two deaths in Australia caused by sting rays.

    The government has offerd a State funeral for him and are waiting for the family’s decision. As the leader of the Labour Party said “We went to bed stunned last night and woke up sorrowing this morning.”

    He was a great conservationist of flora and fauna and a dinkum Aussie bloke!!!

  5. It is sad for his wife and kids, I know he was a good hubby and father. But I have to agree with Phats, animals are so unpredictable, even if you have worked with them you entire life you can still never get too comfy with them. At least he died doing what he loved and also in a very rare manner that will be remembered forever. I know he will be missed by many – but none will feel his absense like his children and his wife. Specially when it is so sudden!

  6. Confession time: I didn’t know who this guy was when Shutterjane told me about it. I don’t have a TV you see. At the time I didn’t figure out how this will actually affect the bigger picture.

    But I can understand how it would affect a youngster. Poor Damien! It’s difficult when your hero dies.

  7. I am so pleased you posted this. When I saw the Yahoo headline this morning I was totally bummed out. I immediately called David to tell him and he was so upset, as was Ross. This guy gave my kids so very many hours of viewing pleasure. In a strange way though, I do believe he wouldn’t have wanted to go in any other kind of way – he left doing what he loved most. I feel so sad for his wife and kid though. His soul will surely be rewarded for all the kindness and joy he spread on earth.

  8. You need to let Damien know that I am really tired from Vacation and this is the ONLY blog I visited tonight. Did I miss the caption contest?!?!

    As for the croc hunter, I feel sorry for his two kids, but when you play with fire you’re gonna get burned sooner or later. I personally thought the man was an idiot. We saw this while in the Orlando Airport waiting for our flight. We had just seen Stingrays in the Living Seas at EPCOT haha 🙂

  9. Yes he was most assuredly one of us! He was what all those non-ADHDers dreamed of being, wild and free and perhaps a wee bit impulsive and on the edge, but hey, that guy LIVED while he was alive! He made a lot of people happy while he was on this planet and honestly, the way he died leads one to believe that his Creator missed him and wanted him home! Lots of prayer are flowing world wide for his family.
    Thanks angel, very appropriate!
    Bessings Tracy_Nicolaus
    This stupid thing still won’t let me post from my blog!

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