Yay, this week JJ has again thrown a bit of a spanner in the works by giving us an ending instead of a starter sentence. Here it is: …but the little creep beat me to it, I’m gathering though that my American blaudience is a little quiet because America has just had a Labour Day weekend… or have I lost my touch completely?

I couldn’t wait to get home!
I knew there was half a tub of the most divine berry sorbet in the freezer, and all through biology class I’d been fantasizing about it.
In this heat, sprawling in front of the fan with the tub if ice cream on my stomach and a big spoon was looking better with every step I took. I was so looking forward to it I could almost taste it.
And then my cool little reverie was shattered when I remembered that my brother Ritchie was coming home early today- it was their half term long weekend.
I started running- furiously wracking my brain to remember whether Ritchie knew the sorbet was there- and if he knew it was there- did he even like berry sorbet?
I’ve been looking forward to it all day…
There’s the house- I can see the lawn, I can see the front door.
No sign of Ritchie, but if he was on his board today then I wouldn’t see it, and if he was on his bike then it could be parked round the back of the house…
Now my heart was beating with nervous tension as well as the strain of running in this syrupy humidity.
I unlocked the front door, my sweaty hands slipping on the door handle and my key scratching the paint next to the key hole.
As I skidded to a halt in the kitchen I could already see the empty ice cream tub in the sink with a sticky spoon in it- I had to be sure- I yanked open the freezer door…
…but the little creep beat me to it.

5 thoughts on “FFF#51

  1. I feel for your sorbetnessless. How is that for a made up word.

    And over here with our bad english and correct side of the road driving it would be Labor Day. 😉

  2. THis is when you get the urge to moer somone – right? You couldn’t lose your touch if you tried!

  3. Auuuugggh, I hate that! The Missus rarely drinks lemonade and she finished off the last glass that I had hidden and saved as a reward for a hard day of work.

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