Happy 60th Birthday To Farouk Balsara

Dunno who that is?
Okay- I hope this isn’t a complete suprise to everybody! Most of my regular readers will know by now that I post about all sorts of things at all sorts of times of day and night… This is still essentially a mommy blog!
So here goes:

I love Queen’s music, and I think Freddie’s death was a great loss! No no, don’t panic- you aren’t the only ones wondering where this came from, when they started playing Queen on the radio in the car today as a tribute to Freddie, I yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE and I had Damien looking at me funny… Then when I started singing at the top of my voice I was told it was embarrassing because my window was open and the people on the side of the road could hear me!

Poor child… to be tortured with me for a mom!!

11 thoughts on “Happy 60th Birthday To Farouk Balsara

  1. No one but no one will ever take Freddie Mercury’s place….so unique and a gifted talent. “These are the days of our lives” is an incredible song. Haunting, and so mindful how times passes and we go on….RIP Freddie you won’t be forgotten.

  2. I LOVE Freddie. Have you ever seen Live Aid..Mr Charisma blew everybody away! All of the others (except for Madonna) looked like they should have rehearsed for another month…but the Merc was AMAZING..a brilliant entertainer!

    He had one of the most distinct voices in Music History..amazing vocals.

  3. Tell Damien that if he is embarassed to be in the car with you he can go ride his… Bicycle, Bicycle..

    Happy Birthday Freddy!

  4. dawn, buddess: oh the joy of parental vengeance!

    phats: now you know eh?

    mel, shortypam: love their music- so does my mommy darling, i even have bohemian rhapsody as her ringtone on my phone!

    katt: how cool is that- its my favourite song too!!

  5. My fav is Innuendo, specifically for the line “I am going slightly mad.”

    It’s kind of weird saying happy birthday to a dead guy though.

  6. I loved him!!!! Ok, more the music, but he was just so good!!! He changed the world in many ways. I also love to sing along to their songs and it p**** the kids off when I not only sing but start dancing too!!! Like we did then. Revenge is sweet!!!…..heeheehee Thanks for this post!!!

  7. angel, i love u so much!!! at last another fan!!!! can u believe that zanzibar refuses to have his body buried there because they consider him “unclean” by their strict muslim standards (him being gay and all…) but seriously they could benefit culturally and economically, can u just imagine all the people going to zanzibar just to see freddy mecury’s grave sight… >sigh< some people...

  8. Absolutely. Happy birthday to him. Love his music. Didn’t much like him as person but man he could sing

  9. I didn’t know who this was at first, thought it was the girl from Willy Wonka and realized that was veruca salt! 🙂

  10. I’m with you on everything … singing loud in the car, especially. I remember how it used to p*ss my teenagers off when I sang in the car in the morning on the way to school. They didn’t ever say anything, but I could measure their “hatred” by the volume and power behind the slamming of their doors when they got out the car at school. Indeed – HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE … we miss you- champion! XOX

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