8 thoughts on “Now THIS Scares Me…

  1. keshi: ditto! in fact, i was 15 when i got my last hiding…

    ww: it is indeed a sensitive issue… i don’t have a suggestion as to how they should legislate against the parents who do abuse their kids- apart from already existing laws! what we need in this country, imho, is more cops and more respect for the law

    dawn: here! here!

    supermom: that’s a big part of the issues in this country- all the different cultures and what’s acceptable in one but not in another!

    geena: it’s the old adage “one bad apple spoils the barrel”

    spookie: oh yes- bank card confiscation works quite well on damien too

    homo escapeons: yup- its exactly the idiots who have gotten away with abuse by putting their kids bruises down to “discipline” that are making it difficult for the parents who actually do things the “right” way!

    nb: please don’t misunderstand me anyone- i am in no way condemning parents who use corporal punishment or pointing a finger at those who don’t.
    i personally believe in giving my child a hiding, on the backside, if he deserves one.

  2. Spare the rod and spoil the child!
    This little biblical standard is the basis for many a trip to the woodshed.
    The problem arises when some idiot (and there are plenty of them) BEATS his/her child and uses this mandate from above as their defense. Hey it is a god-given right for some whacky adherents to treat their offspring as chattel or slaves.

    Some kids never need a spanking. A few require a single pat on the behind once in a while, others once in a lifetime, and for some it will have no effect or simply make matters worse. Every child is different. Political correctness has invaded every area of our lives and has naturally progressed to reach the gates of the holy of holies; how WE raise OUR kids.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where there are millions of people who should not even be procreating ..EVER! This slippery slope is always being climbed because some kids do need protection and their parents are psychotic BULLYS and they are the ones who need a good ass kicking!
    Actually it is unfair to even call them parents..random inadvertant and reluctant sperm/ovum donors would be a better description.

    Your truly,
    Dr. Hugh Genics

  3. I stopped giving hidings long ago. Every now and then I threaten and very rarely does it carried out, I just don’t feel it works really with my boys. I try other ways of punishment. Like thother day M & S tore one of Donovans pants up when it split a little on a seam – it was repairable. So I took their bank cards and will take the money out of their accounts to replace the pants. They didn’t like that.

  4. It was only a matter of time before SA jumped on the international bandwagon of interfering in our home lives. Here in France we can still smack our kids. But it will happen here too. I am waiting for it.

    I don’t often smack my boys – in fact it is rare – but there are times when it is needed..my youngest – who is 6 – is very very active and very very naughty – and usually does what he wants…time out doesn’t work, removing privileges doesn’t always work…but a smack gets him thinking.

    I just think that it’s about self-control…not to lose it and go overboard and abuse your child.

  5. Mmm… I can’t say I’m too upset by this. Children get really BADLY abused by their parents. Even my maid admits to hitting her child with a stick and there is nothing we can do about it, as it’s acceptable in their culture.

  6. Parents who abuse their children
    will not be put off by this – those kind of people think they are above and beyond everything. How do they define the difference between ‘spanking’ or a ‘hiding’ or a ‘smack?’

  7. Hi Angel…

    Hmmm…sensitive one.

    Seems a case of the government deciding that the small group of parents that actually DO physically abuse their kids — going far beyond what we in North America call spanking, but which you call hiding — are killing or maiming enough kids that ALL parents will have to stop it.

    I agree it’s a move that would make illegal something you consider your right and duty, and that’s wrong.

    How would you suggest they legislate against the parents who take hiding too far, sometimes killing their kids?

    While I was physically punished as a child, I never have spanked either of my kids. But that’s my choice. I think corporal punishment has a place, but I also think some parents can abuse it or lose control while administering it.

  8. my mum always hit us when we were misbehaving over the limit. Thank God for that!

    Govts r crazy. Did they ever do anything right?


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