It Was A Lekker Weekend!

Damien was still coughing after I fetched him early in Thursday.
I bought myself a new toy on Friday after work, it’s an HP scanner- copier- printer! Only thing I didn’t buy was the USB cable ‘coz I already had two at home… what I didn’t know was that I needed a different one to the two I already had!
Since we weren’t going anywhere with Damien’s cough, I rented V for Vendetta and Ice Age 2 for Damien and I- and I must tell you- Ice Age 2 is 10 times funnier than the first one! We watched and re-watched and rewound and watched again in slomo… again and again. Brilliant!
Saturday I slept fairly late, Damien was playing PS2 when I woke up and he was in a foul mood. Actually I probably put him in a foul mood when I suggested he switch off his game and tidy his room a little. I pretty much ignored him till later in the evening. He pretty much remained in a kak mood… we didn’t do anything else apart from re-watching the two movies and some TV. Saturday night I had a really cool IM chat with someone who has fast become very near and dear to my heart… you know who you are!
Sunday was a little more entertaining- we had an argument fairly early… again about him helping himself to my stuff… and that pretty much put him in a kak mood again. We left shortly after our little… uh… “altercation” to go shopping for Daddy Darling’s birthday present and some nibbly bits. It’s Daddy Darling’s birthday on Tuesday, but because it’s a work day we decided to do cake and tea today. They got back from their week long holiday yesterday. Now, earlier in the week, da Bruvva had a brainwave. He suggested we buy daddy darling a collection of stuff we know he’d never use or even like… and a real pressie for after our little prank. So, da Bruvva got together a gift tin and put in a little duck shaped soap, aftershave lotion, a key ring, a razor, a bright blue tie with aliens on it and shaving cream. Damien and I out a gift bag together and bought fabric hankies, socks, a pink striped tie and shaving cream. Sister B bought a pair of satin boxer shorts and sister C bought him a coffee mug with potatoes all over it and something else- I forget what… sorry Madam! The whole family, including Mommy Darling, was in on the gag and we battled our backsides off to keep a straight face while poor Daddy Darling (check out the picture montage) tried to be polite while opening his gifts! Eventually, when we were all giggling like lunatics on laughing gas, we gave him the DVD we bought him- one of his favourites- “My Cousin Vinny”.

Daddy Darling had a bit of a surprise for us too- he bought himself a birthday present that was delivered this morning and we all got a spin on it!

Isn’t it just beautiful, I’m so very jealous…!! I was sitting behind him watching the road and glancing at the speedometer and shouting “Faster! Faster!” Even Damien went for a ride.
We ate too many goodies and laughed a lot! It was a really lovely day!

12 thoughts on “It Was A Lekker Weekend!

  1. supermom: he did indeed- he thought maybe we were hinting for him to shave his beard off or something!

    spookie: i didn’t want to go home either!

    buddess: i am sure that if you were here with us he wouldn’t hesitate!

    lm: well… um… nuh- i won’t say anything- because even a hint will give too much away. i think the part suited him down to the ground!

    katt: teehee… not unless i start batting for the other team (so to speak)! it was a friend i was chatting to- of the female persuasion!

  2. Well, you have an utterly and totally COOL DAD!

    As for chatting to someone special… does this mean Angel is going to start bothering again?


  3. oh man! you’re not kidding! no going out for a smoke during the movie! must pause! don’t want to miss a second. what is it about hugo weaving?

  4. I just love to read about your family gatherings!!! You are such a fantastic bunch together. As for your Dad, i think he looks very cool on his “iron horse”. Can I also go for a spin????

  5. It was a lekker weekend – and I didn’t want to go home last night, I was really having a good time!!

  6. I LOVE the gift he got himself. What a great idea to first give him all the crappy gifts. He must have thought you guys had lost your minds! haha

  7. tammy: tanx for the wishes- i loved “bridget jone’s diary” too!

    lazy mommy: i enjoyed it very much, but it took some concentration… doncha think?

    nmotb: aha! uitgevang! surfing when you’re s’posed to be getting ready for work eh!?!

    dawn: i also love the comic book movies! apart from sci-fi its my favourite genre. some of my other favourites were “sin city” “elektra” “daredevil” “aeon flux” and the “batman” movies.
    i’m also a huge tim burton and quentin tarantino fan!
    as for d… he will stop coughing if he stops bloody smoking!

  8. ICE AGE 2 – the bestest ever … V for Vendetta … I don’t get these kind of movies at all. Dan digs them the most and gets irritated ‘cos I keep grabbing the remote (if I am awake), press PAUSE and ask him to explain. Way to go Daddy Darling – HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! Have a great week and hope D-Man stops coughing. xox

  9. Happy Birthday Uncle Duck! Sounds like you guy’s had an absolute blast – An Iron Horse – Way to go, what a cool pressie to by for him to buy for himself! I gotta run – WORK! Cheers

  10. wow, what a great day!!

    what did you think of v for vendetta? i saw it for the first time recently and loved it.

  11. LOve your dad’s spirit – good for him!!! Wish him Happy Birthday from NY! I love Ice Age 2 and My Cousin Vinny – add Bridget Jones Diary and Notting Hill and we can chill for a whole weekend. Hope Damien is feeling better!!!

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