Well, well, well… flattery might get you everything after all! This week JJ has picked a starter sentence in keeping with my blog’s new look! How cool is that!

Her arms shackled to the stone floor and her wings constricted by leather bindings… Jaylen couldn’t help wondering if the exquisite creature he was looking at would try to escape, or continue to lie still on the floor of the makeshift cell. Jaylen thought he may be disappointed if his latest find didn’t at least try to get away, but he was also greatly looking forward to working with her and- if at all possible- trying to tame her.
The glass between them was fully transparent and Jaylen could feel her eyes boring into his. He wondered if she could read his thoughts.
He had worked long and hard to gain his position- and there was no way Jaylen was going to let anyone else work with the… ah- now that was still under discussion. No-one had ever seen anything like her before, some “specialists” said she was an unknown form of the peryton; others were leaning towards an attractive (and also previously undiscovered) form of harpy. Others simply claimed she was an angel. There was a major debate raging right this moment in the lower hall. Jaylen wasn’t so much concerned with what she was as with what she would do for his career. He had started to think of her as “Eve”. He knew it was clichéd, but she was the first of her kind, at least as far as he knew.
He decided he wasn’t going to wait for the committee to give him permission; he quickly punched in the code to the door and slowly pushed it open- watching the she creature all the time.
She didn’t move.
He made sure she could see his hands and he slowly shut the door behind him.
She didn’t move.
He walked towards her slowly, trying not to look threatening… which was hard considering he was wearing chain mail, which was only thinly covered by his fire proof lab coat.
She didn’t take her eyes off him, but she didn’t move.
He crouched on the floor to seem less intimidating and tried to test if she might be able to hear his thoughts.
Jaylen was concentrating so hard on whether or not her eyes showed that she understood anything he was thinking, he didn’t realise she looked different until she was towering over him and the chains that had bound her were lying empty on the floor.
He fell backwards onto the floor, too stunned to even close his mouth let alone scream!
She opened her mouth, which was now suddenly huge and lined top and bottom with razor-sharp teeth!
“Now where the in the hell is Jaylen?” yelled the Head Chronicler.
The small crowd outside the glass partition looked quizzically at the Head Chronicler, at each other, and then up and down the corridor. Jaylen was nowhere to be seen.As far as they could see, the creature was in exactly the same position she had been when the committee had adjourned to the lower hall. Her arms still shackled to the stone floor and her wings still constricted by leather bindings… except that now the Head Chronicler thought he could just make out the corner of a standard issue chain mail vest on the floor underneath her.

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  1. gareth: i’m glad you like it!

    ww: cool man- you should write one next week!

    peong: i could never leave out the dragon- especially not on special instructions!

    spookie: so do i doll, so do i!

  2. Very cool! How awesome that it was inspired by your blog’s picture!! She hides her meals pretty well though for one who just ate a man – wish I had metabolism like that!

  3. Curiosity killed the cat – and Jaylen apparently. Nice work. I was worried for a second that you would leave out a dragon. Foolish me!

  4. …a stranger approached and said, gently…”Your wings have been clipped. An Angel must fly.”

    He cautiously approached, feeling her naked discomfort. He respectfully looked away.

    Then cut the chains that held her to the dank, cold floor.Imprisoned no more, she flapped her wings…

    And took to the air, smiling at the one who had freed her from captivity.

    They could feel the bond forming as quickly as Krazy Glue between them, him standing in awe, her gently flapping her wings…


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