Damien Is Very Heart Sore Today

Last night we popped in at mommy and daddy darling to wish daddy darling happy birthday and to say goodbye as he leaves today on a short trip to his brother in the fairest Cape.
As a result we got home at close to 9 o’clock, and as we were walking to our front door we heard a cat- a loud and obviously upset cat! We looked down into the visitors parking area and all we saw in the semi-dark was a black cat. We both thought maybe Taxi had fallen out a window or something (there was no white tip to this cats tail like Greebo has and since both Greebo & Taxi have fallen out of our windows before, and as they are purely indoor cats except for an occasional jaunt outside on a harness and leash- we had to go downstairs and rescue them each time.) Damien volunteered to run downstairs and make sure that it wasn’t Taxi while I unlocked the door. Both Taxi and Greebo came running to the door when I opened so I shouted to Damien that the unhappy cat wasn’t one of our boys. He was probably out of earshot (or the bog softie was ignoring me) because he came back up the stairs two minutes later with a black cat! A clearly undernourished- obviously unwell- collarless and affection starved little female. Damien wanted to bring her inside but I wouldn’t let him because I didn’t know what she had and I didn’t want to put Greebo and Taxi at risk. I said he could feed her but he wasn’t to bring her inside. She was thin enough to feel the bones in her neck and she wolfed down two sachets of Whiskas soft meat in quick succession- she could scarcely wait for Damien to pour them in the bowl for her! And all the time he’s talking to her and she’s rubbing up against him and the wall and back to Damien. While she was eating Damien felt for a microchip (it’s usually between their shoulder blades) and looked for tattoos in both her ears. Nothing. I called my vet because usually* I take strays to him but he had already closed up shop. When she’d finished eating I told Damien to take her back downstairs. He was more than a little upset with me- but I reminded him that we didn’t know if she was okay and that she could infect our boys with FIV or Snuffles or even rabies if she’d been homeless long enough. He agreed and I sent him to the bathroom to disinfect his hands and strip out of his clothes before touching me or our boys. He didn’t argue- he understands this kind of thing.
This morning, she was outside our front door again- shouting like she did last night in the parking lot! Damien gave her a big bowl of dry food which she gobbled up and offered her some water. We brought the bowls back in and washed them out and disinfected our hands again before leaving for work- and I told Damien that if she is still there when we get home this afternoon I’ll take her to our vet.
She sat at our front door and watched us walk away… It’s so sad! If I had more space I wouldn’t hesitate to take her in- but I already have two cats in my flat and I wasn’t going to even have two when I brought Greebo home! I half hope she is still there this afternoon so I can drop her at the vet. If he will feed her fat and doctor her I will try and find a home for her…

*Damien and I have rescued three cats in the last two years- four if you count Taxi. One of whom my mom adopted (now Caesar) and the other two had microchips and so were re-claimed.

4 thoughts on “Damien Is Very Heart Sore Today

  1. It is SO difficult to leave them like that. I will never forget how Pearl looked at me when I leeft her at the vet to get fixed. I cried all theway home…
    And then when I had to give her to her new family and I put her in that box, she peered out at me through the crack in the top and it broke my heart…

    It would have bee VERY difficult for me to leave that kitty outside too Damien. VERY hard.

  2. I’ve had my share of saving strays too. It is heartbreaking.

    Why can’t people care for animals and look after them properly?

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